Friday, January 11, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Championships for toddlers

What's new with the Callaways?

Well, I found my earring I lost in the computer room. However, it was bent out of shape. But that's the nice thing about sterling silver. Its pliable enough to bend without breaking.

Scott picked up his truck that had a internal makeover... new brakes, a tune up, something else with the engine or transmission. The cost had a comma in it. Sigh...

For those of you that come over or may in the near future, it is now safe to use our bathrooms. Jacob helped me clean the bathrooms a few days ago. Actually, I should say I helped him clean the bathrooms since he did about 80% of the work. I make him stay away from the toilets because I don't want him touching the toilet and then not washing his hands after. I JUST WANT HIM TO LEARN TO PEE IN THE TOILET SO WE DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN THEM SO MUCH. (Yes, I know what it means when you capitalize all words. I AM yelling.)

He also used the wet swifter jet on the kitchen floor today. And washed up some new toys, and shoveled, and picked up his toy room. Where do I get more of these? Oh wait, I forgot about the monkeys...

The babies for about two minutes all sat on my lap and got along. For two special minutes, Matthew looked at his book, Brooke in the middle shared a book with John. Then it was back to normal. Brooke doesn't like to be touched and wants the lap to herself so she gives John a shove in the chest. John tries to take away the book while at the same time tries to lay/sit on her. This pushes Brooke into Matthew who is unhappy because he just got pushed off my lap.

Brooke not liking to be in the middle has started since birth. Every time we took pictures of them when they were little, Brooke would be crying if she was in the middle. So usually it was Matthew or John. She just wasn't meant to share space in the womb with anyone else. Too bad girl, at least you don't have hand-me-downs.

I've seen Brooke, push, pull, pinch, and hit Matthew and John. I've seen John push, pull, tackle, sit on and hit Matthew and Brooke. But until today, I never saw Matthew push anyone. He pushed John when John took away some duplos that he was playing with. He does try to pull toys and books away, but he has never tackled, hit, pushed, pinched or done anything like the other two.
I'm surprised that my kids don't bite each other. I heard that biting is a big problem with multiples since they are together so much. I bite and push Scott if he is on my side of the bed.

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