Monday, December 6, 2010

Its a hard job!

Sigh, double sigh. Since this summer, I've been battling with Jacob. He likes to argue with me. He contradicts almost everything I say. Even something as simple as "Jacob, go put your coat on." And he will stomp off or shout "NO!". He tells me he doesn't have to listen to me, he tells me I'm not the boss. He does recognize that Scott is the boss around the house. But the problem is that Scott isn't here 24/7.

I think some things are inherited, genetic. But how does he pick up the WELS belief from little on that fathers should be the head of the household and mothers are secondary?

I am not enjoying being his mother. I didn't expect us to have these battle of wills so early. I really feel disconnected with him. I don't feel like he's my buddy right now. And I'm guessing that he isn't going to be voting me for mother of the year. He has said a couple of times after these fights that no one loves him or no one likes him. I have explained to him that it is because I love him so much that I expect him to follow our rules. I gave him the example of God giving Moses the Ten Commandments to give to the Israelites.

He has also been giving Scott some attitude too. So, I feel better that its not just me, but I do wish he just realize he's got to be respectful and follow our rules.

I've done the Magic 1,2,3 thing, I've sent him to his room repeatedly, I have washed his mouth out with soap, I've taken away privileges, and now I told him that I would be taking away Christmas presents.

The other downside of this attitude is how he acts towards his siblings. He yells at them, is not patient with them and very bossy.

I know God will give me guidance through this, but I am really losing my patience.