Thursday, January 17, 2008

Diary of a mad woman

Scott's busy getting bad people and will be for a couple of days so its just me around here to bring calm and order to the clan.
If I believed in Evolution I'd think that John was directly related to the ape and a distant cousin to the caveman. What is with his hair? Where did his joy for life come from? Why does he insist on hugging/tackling his brother and sister? Does he always have to put his food mat in his hair? Why does he drool so much? Why does he make loud and obnoxious noises and shriek really really loudly?
He would be perfect for some type of study...

On Monday, Dr. Phil had on a family that was out of control. The 17 year old and the mom yelled and screamed profanities at each other and got physical with each other. The mom was over-the-top.
Dr. Phil's wife Robin had a chat with the boy and his mom. She had tears in her eyes when she said her piece. She said something like this, "When I speak to my sons, I have only love and kindness in my voice. I have never looked at them and said terrible things. I have never raised my voice to them." And went on to say something like her boys were not perfect, but near perfect in her eyes.

Welllll, did I feel like the bottom of the barrel. I had just gotten done yelling at Jacob for something. I know I need more patience. I pray for it every night. Maybe those non-christian religions that pray five times a day are on to something there...

So, I'm feeling bad and realize that I should treat my children with love and kindness. And be as polite to them as I am with strangers. I'm feeling like a bad mom. Although I really don't yell all the time. And when I get really frustrated with the kids, they go in the pack-n-play or their cribs for a time out from me. Jacob goes in his room or sits the stairs.

An hour or so later, I'm changing Matthews diaper. He's wiggling around trying to get off the table and I'm doing my best to hold him down with one arm, keep his hands out of this privates, and wipe him and put a new diaper on. During this time little monkey Brooke was climbing up the changing table and was opening the desitin and trying to put it in her mouth while clinging to the changing table. Then, THEN! John started playing with the TV buttons again. The channel got turned to a channel that had fuzz and the noise just went up about 50 decibels. (O.K. I don't really know what that means, but it got LOUD.)

So I yelled, "John, get away from the TV! Brooke get down!" But partly because they wouldn't have heard me over the roar of fuzz. And I realized then that Robin McGraw never had to deal with multiples and I suddenly felt better.

Well, time to clean the carpet. I left a "big gulp" on the end table today and John got a hold of it and he got himself, Matthew, the couch and most of the carpet. I did a hasty job of cleaning it today because I had to load the babies up in the old family mobile and pick up Jacob from school.

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