Friday, January 25, 2008

The Shortest Straw

The babies were more subdued today, just walking around and checking things out. A lot less trouble then yesterday.
My favorite pair of blue jeans split down the backside. They were so worn that there are about two or three more holes that had started, but the one on the backside busted out first. I'm still not throwing them out.

Then, Matthew was more clingy today around dinner time. Well, I know why. The very minute Scott walked out the door to go back to work at 7 p.m., he was throwing up in the Step 2 climber all over that, the blankets and the rubber mats that are in the dining room.
Of course he threw up A LOT. And then the other babies wanted to check it out. So I'm trying to wipe Matthew up and get him out of the mess while trying to keep the other babies from touching it. I'm gagging and gagging and trying not to throw up while cleaning it up.

Jacob was a big help in keeping the babies out of the area, even if he did kind of tackle them... I'm still doing laundry 4 hours later because I had to wash everything twice.
I hate the smell of puke.

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