Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lickin' good!

This was the conversation when Jacob was eating a late dinner tonight.

Jacob: Brooke! Stop licking the table!

Brooke is sitting next to Jacob on a regular chair with her mouth on the edge of the table. She looks up at him but doesn't take her mouth off the table.

Jacob: Brooke! The table isn't food! Stop licking the table!

Brooke takes her mouth off the table, but her mouth is still left in the same position, open and her tongue is hanging out (kind of).

Jacob: (Turns to me) Mom! Brooke is licking the table.

Brooke still is sitting there with her mouth open, poised to take another lick at the table. She has this very innocent look on her face. Not the normal gleem in her eye that she's going to do what she WANTS to do!

I just watch with this dumb smile on my face because I feel like I'm raising a bunch of animals.


Angela said...

We have had that thought too! I'm raising monkeys ... what do you have??

Jean said...

I think I have a good mix of monkeys and dogs.
I don't know why people pay money to see animals at the zoo. They could just come over here.