Monday, January 7, 2008


Tonight, as I was cleaning up, I watched the show Medium. The show was about a little boy who got away from his dad in the toy store and was kidnapped and then killed.

Everyone's worst nightmare and I HATE watching these types of shows. I know it happens, I know there are bad people and things out there, but it really hits home now that I have kids.

It sometimes keeps me from going out by myself with just the kids because "what if" one breaks away and runs somewhere? What do I do with the other two or three if Jacob is along? Some places aren't so stroller friendly...

I think Scott and I have a fear of more things with his job being a detective. He comes across some weird and horrific stuff. Both of us have a fear of predators and its not just strangers. Many predators are family or friends of the parents of the child. How scary is that???

So for all those predators and pedophiles out there, this one is for you.

We put our fence in our yard because of you.
We lock our doors because of you.
Our children don't go to daycare because of you.
My children will not be allowed to ride their bikes alone or go to the park with other kids, because of you.
They will always be supervised at practices and group activities because of you.
We have guns in our house, because of you.
But my children can never by 100% safe, because of you.

Since this blog is public, its scary to think that there could be some sick people out there looking for pictures and things to get off on. The nicest thing I can say about that is that I pray God takes care of you and puts you in the place you deserve.

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