Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation 2009

Vacation was filled with lots of firsts. Each of triplets caught their first fish. They seemed to like fishing off the dock. They also got their first tube ride before the boat. They didn't cry, but Brooke and John really didn't like the water spraying in their faces. Matthew was really relaxed and seemed to enjoy it the most.

The weather was very good. Warm, 70s, and only rained twice. The day we arrived and the day we left. The kids enjoyed playing on the playsets and running around. I put life jackets on them most of the time and they loved playing on the beach in the sand and in the water. It was just easier to watch them that way with their life jackets on. It gave me piece of mind.

Jacob was obsessed with finding out-of-state license plates. I got him a board that had a picture of the U.S. and then listed all the states on the back. You're supposed to check the state when you see it. He found 23 different states when we were in Minocqua. Thats amazing. But its a pretty popular vacation area.

I didn't have to stop at all on the way to Minocqua. It was a good 2 3/4 hour drive. But on the way back, Matthew had dropped his blanket on the floor while I was driving on HWY 29 and John unbuckled himself from his car seat and picked it up and gave it to him. I think I almost passed out. I pulled over and told him he had to stay in his car seat and he then thought it was a game. Brooke started doing the same thing, unbuckling herself when we were driving.
Finally, I had it with Brooke and we were in a parking lot going about 5 miles an hour. I put my brakes on a little harder than normal and she flew forward onto her feet and hit the seat in front of her. This not so gentle reminder has gotten her to keep her from doing it again. She wasn't hurt, just surprised. I told her that's why we wait until mom or dad tells you that you can unbuckle the seat belt.
I'm just getting over my migraine that started at 8 p.m. last night. I went to the doctor around lunchtime and he gave me some stuff to take when I got home. Luckily, my MIL and a friend were over and could watch the kids. For anyone who has had a migraine, you know how horrible it hurts. But when you're watching four kids who can't be quiet and are jumping on you, it really brings you to your knees. I'm glad the medication worked although I still feel a little fuzzy. A good fuzzy though.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going, going GONE!

Busy, Busy summer. We now have Jacob's T-ball games twice a week. He seems to really like playing ball and actually pays attention most of the time. At least for the moment he's not the kid picking grass in the outfield. But we've got 8-10 games yet to go, so I won't get to cocky yet.

Jacob asked me the other day how old he has to be to drive the boat. I told him 16. I think he's now required to take a boaters safety class anyway before he actually gets to drive on his own. Then I ran across these pictures of him driving. So I guess dad or grandpa let him drive. I'm sure its thrilling for him to steer the boat, but at least I know where the line of questioning came from.

I'm trying to pack for our vacation to Minoqua Wisconsin next week. Its hard to pack around kids because they take stuff out of the bins you just put in. Or they don't want you to pack the toys or throw a fit about something. So I have to be sneaky. Still challenging though. I have a ton to do, but decided to blog about it first.

Jacob cannot wait to go fishing at the cottage. I think Scott is not far behind him in excitement. I have a feeling that John will want to go with them this year too. We'll try fishing off the dock with the triplets and see how much they like it and how long their attention span is.

Either way, I'm still stuck with two kids and its really not a vacation for me since the kids now no longer nap and they are getting up earlier than I'd like. I have my fingers crossed that the weather is good and we can be outside.

I admit that facebook has been quite addicting. I love to play scrabble with friends (and strangers) on it. They also have great games and time fillers. Its also nice to chat with friends and people I haven't run across for awhile.

Well, I'm off to get the kids dressed and get something done.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crucial Spongebob life lessons

Its been so long since I last posted that I even forgot my log-in. Wow. Either I'm getting old or I'm really busy. I'll vote for the latter.

Lets see, Jacob finished school last Friday. It was bittersweet as I was happy to not have to get up to bring him to school. His report card came today and he did pass Kindergarten and will be in 1st grade next year. Its shocking to me that I have a 1st grader. Where did all this time go?

A lot of weird things have been happening lately. The kind of weird that you think there are hidden cameras around and Ashton Kutcher will be popping out from behind a tree weird.

A couple of weeks ago I went out for a walk at 10 p.m. A neighbor a couple of houses down was out cutting her lawn. In the dark. At night. When people are sleeping. In the pitch dark. So I shook my head as I was out for my walk thinking how I'd be ticked if I was the next-door neighbor trying to sleep. Last week as I was out with my daycare passel she screeches to a halt in front of my house and she tells me shes beeing stalked. She goes on about how her 25 year marriage went to hell when her husband met someone else out-of-town and then she finally got back in the dating game on Craigslist. This nice fellow she met on Craigslist was abusive and she said she got a restraining order on the guy, but then she said something about him getting a restraining order against her. Babble, babble, babble, head nod, head nod...

And when I could get a word or two in I told her to call the police and have extra patrol in the area. Apparently since she knew Scott was a copper she must have wanted him to sleep on her couch. She should have looked for someone on Craigslist to help her with her stalker.

Craigslist. Com'on!

Speaking of cops. On Scott's birthday we (my dad, Scott's mom, Scott and I) head up to the casino and we're on HWY 29 cruising along in the good ol' mini van. When suddenly lights appear behind us and Scott is being pulled over. Now, he was talking with my father, but he had set the cruise around 72ish and the speed limit was 65. The state trooper came up to the window and yadda, yadda, yadda, said he was giving him a warning. Now, he didn't know Scott was a cop because it wouldn't have come back if he checked the license plate and Scott didn't tell him. The only thing that saved him from a court date in Shawno County was the "Got Triplets" sticker on the back of the van. I could tell he was peering in the back just dying for a look at the freak show. But it was just me and my MIL.

And FYI, this is the second time Scott has been pulled over on his birthday and I've been with him in the car. I have not been pulled over in about 8-9 years (knock on wood). But I did have a pretty good streak going there for a bit.

Lately my kids have been obsessed with Spongebob. I had TIVO'd the SpongeBob movie and actually never really watched the whole thing because I do other things while their eyes are glued to the TV. Why is a TV called a BoobTube? I don't get it? Why do people have bumper stickers that say WALL DRUG? Another mystery. I digress...

So John has been saying, "Stupid Kid!" Its very clear and I'm impressed with his enunciation, but I have been upset at him saying "Stupid" because we don't say stupid in this house. Its not nice and its not kind. So I'll tell him what I just told you and he still says it. Go figure. So as I'm watching the end of SpongeBob, Plankton calls SpongeBob - yep, you guessed it! "Stupid Kid!" A couple of different times. Great.
Then Jacob also says or yells, "I'm SO the boss of you!" To the triplets a lot. Then I saw the episode when SpongeBob wants to bathe Gary, his pet Snail, and I heard that line several times too.

This is why people don't let their kids watch SpongeBob. These same people don't even buy the SpongeBob fruit snacks when they shop.

And maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll tell you about Johns antics and how he's going to get himself put in toddler jail.