Friday, January 18, 2008

Packers mania

Da Da Da Dant Da DA! Go Pack.
Alright, I'm a Packers fan, but on the scale of crazy Packer fans, I'm a zero. This last week I've seen a lot of odd things. Fans waiting hours and hours to shovel Lambeau Field and even those who were turned away still stood waiting because they got a chance to be inside the stadium. Tickets going for $$$ in zero minus weather. People coming from all over the world to see the game.
I got to go to the game 11 years ago when the Packers beat the Carolina Panthers to go to the Superbowl. It WAS really exciting and you could feel the energy and excitement before and during the game. But it was zero degrees then and I think I remember I had on something like eight layers that day. I do have my nifty green and gold scarf yet from that game. However, Jacob uses it now.

A little tripletness for today's blog.
John and Brooke woke up today with runny noses, a little bit of a cough and they sounded congested. So the good momma that I am, I gave them some cold medicine (the kind that hasn't been taken off of the shelves) before nap time and bedtime tonight. I think Matthew started feeling bad too because he was uber whiny, so I gave him some too. So there was a lot more cuddling today than normal. This is the time that I just don't have enough room to cuddle all of them. Today when Matthew and John woke up from their naps, they both laid in the same position, heads turned the same way, one arm curled up, the other at their sides, and they listened to my my heart beat. Its great being a mom. I wish I was sick instead of them.

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