Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just your normal day at work...

I'm late in blogging tonight because I had to go to jail for insider trading. Not because of my prior job as an equity trader, but because the Chance card in the Monopoly game sent me there. Jacob and I spent our alone time tonight playing on-line Monopoly. He likes it when the jail truck comes and takes the person to jail. Either he's following in Scott's footsteps or he's evil.

Jacob has been very trying today. He doesn't want to go to school, he doesn't want to go shopping, he doesn't want to go to swimming lessons AND he wants me to go to work and Scott to stay home. I've heard that about four times this week. I've also been hearing a lot of "You're wrong and I'm right!"

Now if I want to hear that constantly I would go back to work! I mention that I used to trade stocks for a living. I worked for a year after Jacob was born and a couple of people that whined and got sassy with me must have rubbed off on him. As much as I miss the challenge, I've got different challenges at home.

Speaking of challenges, it seems like the babies are always testing me and Jacob can be the team captain of disobedience. How does bedtime take over a 1/2 hour to get ready. So I "thought outside the box" and set a timer for a race. And it worked! He was ready in six minutes. But why should I re-invent the wheel when it comes to parenting. I think there should be a book that all of us moms can just go to that section and get ideas from other moms. Then I could just go to the section Throwing Food or Defiant Child or Getting rid of Nuks.

John was CRAZY today. He was jumping on Matthew, taking Brooke's things and generally just making everyone else around him unhappy. I think sometimes he is so happy and excited he doesn't know how to express himself. So he tackles Matthew or comes up and smacks me in the face and then gives me a big hug. He kept taking Brooke's NUK today or books she was reading or trying to steal her shoes, which were ON her. I heard Matthew cry countless times today when John was really just hugging/tackling him and Matthew's face was ground into the floor. John even got Jacob a few times with bumping him in the face or being rough.

He's such an oddity that he has to be mine.

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Angela said...

Working at home with kids is sure different than the lives we knew before kids!!! Even being a teacher, it was still a profession, where I got to leave the kids at the end of the day ... not so with the new calling!! Hang in there Jean!!! If we do our job right, they'll come to appreciate us in 20 or so years!