Saturday, January 12, 2008

Did you ever wonder?

Why do things from our childhood hold great memories for us, but when we try them again or revisit the site its not the same?

I used to look forward to the mail around my birthday when I was younger. I'd look for that yellow postcard from Shakey's that said, "Happy Birthday" and if I came in the week of my birthday, I received a free personal pizza and a drink. So my parents would take us all to Shakeys and we'd get a pepperoni pizza and some Mojos. When I was younger, I loved Mojos. Mojos are basically a potato sliced really thin, battered and then fried.

As a young adult, I have revisited Shakeys. And usually then I'd get the buffet. And on the buffet there was unlimited Mojos. They were good, but they weren't what I had remembered.

Some other things that have fallen short are: Tang, Voltron, the Snorks, Land of the Lost, Slinky, sledding, Tangy Taffy, miniature golf, buffets, jelly shoes, perms, feathered bangs, cream soda, Avon bubble bath, Rubik cube, Twister, Aquanet, and the list could go on and on.

But there are a few things that are still as good as I remembered them. Root beer floats, corn on the cob, Thundercats, Pac-Man, Bay Beach, playing in the sandbox, swinging, my grandma's Banana Bread, Husker-Do, and I'm sure more will come to me as I go to bed tonight.

So tonight there was about five minutes of getting along on my lap. Matthew was looking at the book Carl's Birthday while Brooke and John were trying on my headband and giggling. Many of you probably are asking, "How do you fit three babies on your lap?" Weeeelll, either by sitting crosslegged and have one on each knee/leg and one sit on your crossed feet or you can kind of sit/lay and have them sit along your legs, lap and torso area.

After the babies went to bed, I had Jacob on my lap. He had been whiny all day and you HAD to play his way. Well, he was wiggling to get off my lap so I grabbed his legs and put him in a pretzel hold. I THOUGHT he was laughing and squealing when I pretended to eat his foot and tickled behind his knees, so I kept doing it. I happened to peek at his face and he was beet red and his eyes were puffy. He was crying. So I let him go and between my laughter I tried to apologize to him that I THOUGHT he was laughing and I wouldn't have done it if I knew he was crying. But it was hard to be sincere looking at his beet red face and listening to him scream. Well, I tried to have a nice moment with him.

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