Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sick babies - Day II

First of all, this weather is for the birds. I think this is what hell frozen over would feel like.

Noses are running, eyes look a little less bright, more whiny, and definitely more lap time.
I was really surprised that last night they slept the whole night through without me getting up once to find a NUK or diaper rag or cover them up.

Brooke was really subdued today. She sat on the couch or my lap most of the time and wanted to be covered up by this pink blanket. It was really cute. Then this afternoon if the boys were sitting or laying somewhere, she tried to cover them up with the blanket too. Its nice to see her nurturing side.

Johnny on the other hand, you either want to strangle him or kiss him to death. He was normal until later this afternoon and then he kept taking the tape off the entertainment door and getting inside and pushing buttons. He'd do anything to attract attention. Beating up on Matthew, touching things he wasn't supposed to. He spent a little bit of time in his crib today. He has now learned how to climb out of the pack-n-play so now that's not an option for a time out. Yesterday he climbed/fell out right on his head.
Then later tonight he and I were doing the monkey baby thing and he was hugging me and giving me kisses and making kissy noises. I told him that I would remember him being like this instead of his previous behavior.

Matthew was his normal sweet self until the end of the day and he got really whiny and clingy, yet didn't want to sit on my lap.

They all got medicine for their cold and hopefully will sleep like babies! :)

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