Sunday, December 28, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I've finished the last book of the Twilight series. It was a very good series and quite honestly there were some surprises in the 4th book that I hadn't thought of. But the authors target audience were teenagers so I can see that in some of the plots and things. Now I can go see the movie Twilight. I think I'm going to be disappointed because I really liked the book. And I saw the actress who plays Bella on Dave Letterman and she didn't have a thought in her head, which still can make her a good actress, but just disappointing in general.

Not sure what I'm going to read next.

I got sick AGAIN yesterday. I have my cold back with a vengeance. My medicine was done on Wednesday and this hit me Friday night. So I wonder if it didn't kick out my sinus infection.

I seriously bought everything under the sun to make me better. Vitamin C, these anti-oxidant drinks, more vitamins, fruit. The kids don't seem to be getting it, so maybe it is bacterial.

I'd appreciate a lot of prayers directed my way this week. I need patience and strength for my task ahead.

Potty training.

I bought two Baby Bjorn potty chairs, a bunch of that thick underwear, plastic underpants, and a gumball machine.

That will be their incentive, if they sit or go, they get a penny to put in the machine and M&Ms will come out.

I was only going to train one at a time, but they all want to come into the bathroom and try. So I'm trying plan B.

I have been dreading this moment ever since I found out I was having triplets. I hope its going to be better than I imagined.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas pictures part deux

Santa again. Jacob says he wants to dress up as Santa again next year.

My kids sat together on a chair at Grandma Plamanns. Brooke was busy looking bored and picking her nose. John was trying to reach for something on the divider and then he was goofing around and Matthew was just busy drinking his milk and then he decided that Brooke must have had something good with picking her nose and joined in.

Uncle Jim loves to tease Brooke. Brooke isn't really fond of Uncle Jim. Well, I think she likes him because he has a dog, but she does NOT like to be teased. So Uncle Jim likes to get really close to her and asks her if she wants to be held by him.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas pictures

Some of my favorite pictures from Christmas...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is that chocolate on your face?

So today, I felt ambitious, I felt self-confident. I was going to tackle the Ghiradelli chocolate covered oreos and turtles today. With the babies. And not tie them down.

So I heated up some chocolate and gave them their own bowls and oreos.

As you can see, each child has a different way of dipping and eating their cookies. Some are a little neater than others and Johnny really likes to get his hands, face, sweatshirt and area all around him dirty.
John's two cookies that survived are on the top right of the pan. He did a good job considering he is two.
As I'm trying to make turtles (by myself) John and Brooke were underfoot. John was just trying to help. But Brooke was very whiney and cried a lot today. She didn't lay down for a nap and neither did Matthew and John. It was a llloooonnnnggg day.
Jacob had his Christmas program tonight and he did very well. The babies, surprisingly, did not make a peep. They were so tired they just sat on laps and really just zoned out.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Odd behavior

2 year olds can be a lot of fun. They can also be very peculiar. I just noticed I don't blog as much about Matthew as I do John (especially John).

Matthew is a sweet loving, well-adjusted child. He's the child that you dream of having. Smiley, listens most of the time, low-maintenance, good sleeper. Low-maintenance is the key here. This kid just plays by himself, happily for long periods of time. Hes not demanding or whiney or clingy. And his disposition is so easy going. And when you ask him something, in his cutesy soft voice he says, "Yes, please."

John is not a polar opposite of Matthew, but in some cases you'd think they came from a different gene pool. John is full of joy, he's a leader, he's inventive, hes stubborn, he doesn't transition well, he seeks sensory input and he's demanding, whiney and clingy. (Look how he's hanging on to Matthew in this picture) Double click on any picture to see it enlarged.

John's latest thing is to act like a cat. He crawls through my legs like Cosmo does, rolls on his belly to be rubbed, Meows all the time, licks furniture (including refrigerators, cabinets, miscellaneous objects, and walks on all fours. I've even heard him Meow to get out of his crib. It is a little disturbing when you see so much of the behavior. He couldn't pick Diego or Dora to act out, could he?

Previously I had posted that Brooke has tendencies like a certain dictator in history. She is in charge and lets you know it by her voice. Its, "sit down, nooowww!" and "NO hittting!" and a lot of swatting done by her. And on the other hand, she can be quite loving and nurturing. She's very good about doing what I ask her too. Bringing things to the boys, picking up, helping. And she's very affectionate with me and has to give me hugs and kisses whenever I leave or just because. Brooke is going through that phase that she better get her way or else. The or else part can pain me because it means yelling, hitting and kicking. Also, she seems to always be yelling when she talks. Its always in a grumpy tone of voice.

Now, I don't think I model that behavior, do I? I'm sure she just takes my phrases and makes them her own, right?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No rest for the weary

So today I gift wrapped at Barnes & Noble and then Scott and I had greasy hamburgers. Didn't feel so well on my stomach afterwards so I thought I should lay down.

That's me under the blanket. Brooke is behind me jabbing her elbows and knees into me when she wasn't busy pulling my hair and giving me kisses.

Matthew is sitting on top of me playing with cars, John is playing with cars on my legs.

And Jacob just joined the picture because hes so photogenic.

Two peas in a pod. These two get into more trouble together, but it tickles me to see how much fun they have together.

I know. I won the kid lottery. Sometimes its beyond words...

There is something in the air

Alrighty, alrighty, ALRIGHTY! I know some of you have thought I forgot to take pictures of my kids. But I've just been plain lazy about getting them on the computer. Well, and sometimes a week does go by and I realize I have not documented my children's life.

This is not such a travesty since some of us only have, like, three pictures of when we were babies. And sometimes those pictures were even shared with siblings, so I'm not sure that they even count.

Jacob is such a sweet boy. Today Matthew had a "loose" diaper and we had to change all of his clothing and bedding. Jacob immediately got him a bowl so he could throw up in and made him some toast. Then he got him crackers to eat because Matthew had a "fever". Fever is code for when Jacob doesn't feel good and throws up. So it doesn't necessarily mean that there was a fever involved.

This is probably the last time anyone will see the four of them in the bathtub. Its getting too crowded, its getting too rowdy (as you can see from John throwing a cup of water) and Jacob has been doing somewhat lewd things in the tub.
Now, that's my definition of lewd, not a 5 year olds. Hes obsessed with certain body parts and likes to make them jiggle. That's all I'm going to say.
I'll post more pictures in another post as I haven't figure out how to post more than 5 at a time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas to do list

You know that saying, "life isn't always a bowl of cherries, or a box of chocolates?" Well, thats kind of what life has been like for me - not a bowl of cherries. But its not always mushy cereal either.

I'm just recovering from a sinus infection/cold. And last night, I turn over in my sleep and wham! I got the stomach flu/bug/virus.

So, my christmas cards/letters are 95% sent out, some of my christmas candy is made, and none of my presents are wrapped.

So I guess I'll help Santa wrap presents tonight or tomorrow and then finish the third book of the Twilight series. Still good - still on the edge of my seat.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Callaway Christmas letter

This is the Christmas letter I sent out with all the cards. So consider this your letter...

It is less than a week away from Christmas and I am just getting around to sending out Christmas cards.

This year has been plagued by hospital visits and sickness. Since this fall, the kids and I have had a couple of colds, John has had two ear infections and Brooke and Matthew have had one. Luckily this was the first time since they were born that they got ear infections.

Jacob goes to 1/2 day kindergarten and a full day on Wednesday. He acts like he doesn't want to go to school (and will frequently tell me that he's sick or got a fever in the morning), but he seems happy once he gets there. I was surprised to find out recently that he is reading. Its amazing the things they do in kindergarten now versus when Scott and I were in kindergarten.

Jacob has had an interesting year with hospital visits too. He "ground" off part of his thumbnail on the grinder in spring and then a few months later cut the tip of a finger off on the boat trailer. (Long story) He has recovered very well and his index finger is only a little shorter than the other finger on the other hand.

Matthew had stitches in his thumb in February as he got into a childproof cabinet and broke a bowl.

John has some graphite in his temple due to getting a little bit too close to Brooke. That was the first and last time I gave them pencils.

I had carpal tunnel surgery in October on my right hand. It’s been interesting trying to take care of the kids while nursing a bum hand.

On a happier note, Scott, his dad, and Jacob discovered an old hobby this past summer. Fishing on Lake Michigan. Yes, Jacob would get up with the boys at 3 a.m. and go fishing on Lake Michigan. They had a lot of fun catching trout and salmon.
Even though some things will not get done before Christmas, the most important gift I can give the children is telling them of Jesus’ birth. We’re starting a new tradition and having a cake for Jesus’ birthday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Moon

O.K. two things (or more) are consuming my life. I have a sinus infection that is so painful. I have medication for it and I hope it starts working soon. I took some hydrocodone last night for the pain and it didn't touch it. So I'm not sure why people steal that because I felt nothing.

And secondly, I finished Twilight and now am into New Moon. I cried through Twilight and have been sobbing through New Moon. I don't think that itself gives anything away except that it is extremely well written on how the author, Stephanie Meyers, describes her characters and their feelings.

I have decided when I grow up I want to be a literature teacher. I know these books are written for Tweens. But honestly, I don't know if they get the depth of the characters at that age. I think that's why I cry. Or maybe I just am trying to relieve the pressure of my sinus infection.

And to reminisce, this was the week that I found out that I was pregnant with triplets 3 years ago. I still sometimes can't believe I have triplets. Or four kids for that matter. I feel like moments of my life have been fast-forwarded and others are on pause.

Children are such a great gift from God. They are all unique and each present challenges and joys of parenting. One thing this season is that I have not been able to get my Christmas cards out yet, the trees are half decorated, no candy has been made, etc... I'm in the Christmas spirit due to Jacob coming home to school and singing his Christmas songs and learning his part for the program.

The important things about this season are all about Jesus anyway. I think Santa is a representation of generosity and good will and that is a very important lesson to teach the kids too.

Anyway, off to parent my children. Or make sure that they don't open the oven, the refrigerator, the child-proof locks, climb on furniture, dive from the furniture, throw their toys and beat on each other.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've been bitten. I stayed up until 1 a.m. reading Twilight last night and I am half way done.

I've always been interested in vampire stories. Its the novel idea of being alive forever and being invisible. The dark, menacing side of a thing that has no God, but knows that there is one. And every author that I have read always has some type of love story woven in.

I also watched "Wedding Date" last night too. Very cute movie. Unrealistic that a escort suddenly falls for one of his clients. Or is it? :)

I almost felt the way I did before I had kids. Relaxing on the couch, reading a book, watching a movie, Cosmo on my lap. It was a teaser of what life is going to be like in 16 years.

Oh-its a butt.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Jacob's obsession

Jacob has been obsessed with drawing these.

Do you know what it is? Three guesses...

And by the way, not only does he draw them on paper and Magnadoodles, apparently he likes to draw them on walls too. Santa sees all and he ain't happy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sensory stuff

So I wanted to make a sensory blanket/luvie for a little girl I had mentioned in a previous post.

This was the first time I made a doll/person taggie blanket versus the old square blanket.

Scott thinks the head looks like Wilson.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dent specialist?

I've been sick since Sunday. I feel like the insides of a toilet. But enough about me.

Brooke has been a champ with her medicine - nebulizer. She is almost at 100%. John has the same cold I do. Poor boy. Matthew seems to be immune to this one! Yipee! Jacob just has a cough. Scott said his throat is sore today, which is how mine started out.

A few days ago as I was walking past a TV, I caught part of a conversation and it really stuck with me.

Boston Legal (guy who looks like Captain James Kirk from StarTrek) "Life is not always a fair playing field."

I have said this over and over in my head and really thought about the meaning of this. It really sums up a lot of the feelings I have.

With regards to:

Women vs Men
Why we give birth and do all the hard work
Why some people are "different" than others
Why our children come home from school upset and crying over careless remarks.
Why others get things so easily and others struggle just to "get it".
Why its not worth harboring ill thoughts towards others and situations.
Why prayer is so important.
Why we really need to remember that when we think we are in a bad situation, that there are others who are in a worse situation.

And lastly, a joke from Jacob.

Jacob was talking about how Scott fell off the ladder and onto the truck on the way to school on Monday. (And Scott is o.k.)
Jacob: Daddy dented the truck.
Momma: Yes he did, but he didn't hurt himself.
Jacob: Do you think we should call a dentist?


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Festival of Lights and the ER

I really want to blog more, but there just seems to be more stuff to do around the house. There is always laundry. If its not dirty, it needs to be put away. The floors always need to be cleaned (and luckily Scott and Jacob are good about helping with that), I am trying to get some stuff sold on eBay, sewing, making barrettes, Christmas cards, gifts, candy, etc...

I need to make a list and prioritize. Stuff just keeps getting in the way. Last night, Jacob and I went down to the "Festival of Lights" a.k.a. Celebration of lights in Oshkosh. We also bought more Christmas lights and stopped at the outlet mall. By the time we got home it was wayyyyy past his bedtime and too late to get anything done.

And tonight as I got the kids ready for bed, I noticed Brooke struggling to breathe, she was wheezing and her cough was tight. Soooo, I took her to the ER right away. We got in she got a breathing treatment and some steroids and we got to go home. I'm hoping she makes it through most of the night without any problems.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Matrix re-take

I had a dream last night that was so weird and bizarre, that I can hardly believe its My dream.

It was like the movie Matrix where people live in one world and then enter another odd and bizarre world.

I was myself and others in the dream were people I used to work with when I was just out of college. We'd go to this "bar" and then walk through this door onto an elevator which took us to another dimension. And people were trying to kill me and the others and my mission was to save this little girl who was 2 or 3.

And to add to the bizarreness of this dream, I did not take anything to help me sleep or any muscle relaxers before bedtime. So I had this dream all by myself without the help of medication.

So anyway, I made the traditional Pumpkin pie and Sour Cream Apple pie tonight for tomorrows dinner. I love Thanksgiving for a couple of reasons. My moms crescent rolls, family, pies and whip cream, and ads for Black Friday. I don't even know why those excite me because I don't go shopping in the stores. I do all my shopping on-line which is already done. Gymboree started their 30% off and I got to use my 20% off coupon too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Challenges of being thankful

I haven't written about being thankful for anything lately. Not because I'm not thankful, just really tired and busy. Toddlers take a lot of work. Three toddlers is a little more work. But one 5 year old. Challenging, interesting, driving me crazy, funny, talkative, and not listening.

So, I'm thankful for....

  • My hand surgery so I'm not in the least bit tempted to strangle, smack or hurt my child when sassiness just oozes out of him. (I hope my sarcasm drips through and I don't have child services at my house, again.)
  • For TIVO
  • For the forgiveness of God
  • For the voices inside my head
  • For the talents and skills God gave me
  • For my husband for a lot of reasons

Monday, November 24, 2008

Elmo show

Alright, I know. EVERYONE is waiting to hear how Elmo went.

First of all it was a 2 p.m. show, which meant it was during their nap times.

Brooke slept for a little bit in the car while the boys stayed awake.

We got inside and saw our friends Grace and Makenna who are 1 year younger than Jacob. I gave them our meet and greet Elmo tickets since I was afraid that the babies would freak out.

We got to our seats, which were third row center, and settled in. Julie got sodas and popcorn for us all and we waited for the show. The first half of the show I had Matthew and Brooke on my lap and they were so involved in the show it was amazing. John sat on Aunt Julie's lap and ate her popcorn and watched. Jacob was so excited to see all the characters too.

Then came intermission when they try to sell cheap items at high prices. This is where the kids really lost interest, or got antsy.

The second half of the show still went well, but the kids were more restless moving around and not sitting as well.

Being up so close to the stage really helped the kids focus and keep their attention to the stage.

My tickets were $32.00 each(I won four of those). There souvenirs were outrageously expensive. There were Elmo dolls for $15.00 (the same that I got at Walmart for $5.00) and Elmo balloons for $8.00. I'm shocked at the amount of people who are willing to spend this for tickets and food and all the other stuff when the economy is the way it is.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love of books

Alright, EVERYONE is talking about this movie, Twilight. I need to get with it and read the books. One weird Jean fact is that I love vampire movies and books. I fell in love with Lestat in Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice (also a movie :) ) and read her whole saga of vampire books. They were really thick and good for flattening objects. It was before I had the babies, when I had more time to read.

I cannot wait for more time to read again. I used to read all the time. Probably 2 or 3 books a week. I love Johanna Lindsey, Debra Webb, Catherine Coulter, Sandra Brown, Janet Evanovich and many other books. I think I've read most of John Grisham's books and most of Stephen Kings books. Another good set of books is the "Left Behind" series. I forget who they are by. But it makes you think about your faith.

Also like to read the classics. I took a lot of literature classes when I was in school, even though I majored in business. Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre are two of my favorites. The short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, is awesome. Wuthering Heights is a great book and the couple of movies that have been done are pretty good too. Another favorite book is "The Outsiders" and I could watch the movie over and over.

I'm looking forward to reading the Harry Potter Books and The Lion and the wardrobe series. Lord of the Rings. And now I have to add the Twilight series. Sigh. Its only two more years until the babies go to preschool.

I really think thats about the only thing that I really, really miss about my life now. I read books, but its stuff by Margaret Wise and other books on First Words or shapes. Not that those aren't interesting...

Today, Luann and I took the babies in for a checkup. Brooke has a double ear infection and an eye infection. John has an ear infection in one ear and the other ear is filled with wax so he couldn't see. His eyes are now starting to get pussy too. Matthew is just fine. I think he's fighting a little cold like the rest of them. John is the only one that has a fever. I'm just glad that they are sleeping fine. I hope I don't regret those words.

I find it funny that my children did not have ear infections until they were 2 years and 7 months and now we've been to the doctor twice this fall.

Jacob has been very, very sassy and not listening. So we're using the happy, sad jar again which works well for us. So he started the afternoon with three marbles, got another marble and immediately started dusting and emptying garbage cans to get a marble back. He dusted on top of the TV. Our TV holds a lot of stuff on it. He dusted each item individually. Even the flip cards he did individually. So tonight I'm gone to a FVMOM meeting and he still is cleaning up a storm. He scrubbed the kitchen floor, he dusted anything and everything in the living room, he was scrubbing some spots on the floor. But he would look occasionally at Scott to make sure he was seeing him do all this. Pretty funny. I guess he even wiped down all our matchbox cars.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lucky 333

Interestingly enough, this is blog #333. There are a lot of 3s in my life.
Born on the 3rd day of the month.
I have two nephews born on the 3rd day of the month.
I'm 33 1/2. :)
3 & 33 are lucky for me when I play roulette.

There is a website called Caringbridge. Its a way for parents and families to update their children's progress as they are in the hospital or recovering from surgery or illnesses.

On October 2nd I witnessed an accident. I found out later that a girl who is the same age as the triplets was critically injured in a freak accident. A PVC tube flew out of a truck and into a van
entering Payton's skull.

Payton and her family has been in my thoughts and prayers frequently. I check a couple of times a day to see if there are updates. Miraculously, Payton seems to be doing well. She needs to relearn to eat, swallow, speak, hold herself up. That doesn't mean that it won't be a long road ahead of them as they don't know what damage Payton has suffered.

Which brings me to the monthly theme of thankfulness.
*I am so thankful for the caring staff who take care of our children.
* I am thankful that when tragedy strikes, people come together to give support and help when they can.
* I am thankful for our Armed Forces who defend our country with their lives.
* I am thankful for my cat Cosmo.

And speaking of Cosmo Kitty, she gained weight this year at her annual. Her annual required a few shots, but it didn't require any internal checks. (Lucky kitty!)
The vet, who was new... told me that I needed to exercise Cosmo three times a week. Starting for one minute a time and then working up to 10 minutes.
Why this is ludicrous.
1) I don't have time to exercise and now I have to take the time to exercise a cat?
2) She's 8 1/2 and her idea of exercise is running to get her food.
3) I have four children.
4) They are lucky to get their teeth brushed and get socks put on each day.
5) Isn't there a magic kitty pill to slim her down?

Cosmo forgave me quickly and let me pet her. She now brings up her fuzzy ball on string to me so we can play for however long she wants to play.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little bit closer

This is as close as I could get them on Halloween. Note the kitty is picking her nose.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kids say the funniest things

Yesterday, Jacob wasn't feeling the best due the cold he was getting.

He was frustrated that the babies were in his space and playing with what he wanted to play with. So he says to me, "Mom, can we sell the babies at the rummage sale?"

I had to turn away so he could not see me smile. I told him that was not a nice thing to say, it was hurtful. (But it was funny)

Then tonight I was reading a potty book to the babies. John had me reading it over and over. Brooke comes along and started listening. I said to her, "Do you know potty?" And she says, "I don't know potty." (In the same tune as "I don't know Jack!")

And exciting news for Matthew. When he jumps his feet actually leave the ground. Also, he has said a few three word sentences. All impromptu. Today he said, "John is sleeping?" after I got Brooke out of her crib.


I was reading a fellow triplet moms blog. Someone had anonymously wrote some nasty and vicious things.

I can only imagine how she felt. That person didn't have the courage to sign their name to the note, they felt comfortable doing it anonymously though.

She had such an insightful blog about how she felt about this comment, but one thing stuck out in my mind. She said that sometimes people have to step on others to raise themselves up.


Haven't we all done that at times? And that's why I'm thankful about perspective. This is a good reminder to be the better person and not put others down.

I remember the first time this actually dawned on me. I was going to FVTC and there was a girl who didn't like me. She was calling me names, among those "fat".
It was actually quite funny because she was probably 50 lbs heavier than me. At that time, I was probably the skinniest I ever was in my life. So it hit me then that shes putting me down to bring herself up.

Interesting lessons we learn in life. I just hope I can practice them.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Elmo here we come!

So yesterday, Scott got the mail in and I didn't glance at it until the afternoon. I had a letter from my bank and instead of the typed label it was handwritten.

So I'm mentally going over in my head, did we overdraft? is there a problem with an automatic payment? did we overdraft one of our 7 accounts?

So thinking its an overdraft I open it and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was four tickets to Elmo's Green Thumb which is playing at Green Bay next Saturday. The tickets are third row and center. I don't think I'd want to get any closer than that.

So now I call TicketStar and ask if I need tickets for the babies. Yes, anyone age 1 and up she told me. Sigh. So what are the chances of me getting 2 more tickets nearby?

I figured I should buy two tickets, one for me and one for another chaperon. I wasn't going to try to buy just one and take all four kids by myself.

So after finding out that my sister Julie would LOVE to go to see Elmo, I call and get two more tickets about 10 rows behind our seats. I'm planning on just having the kids sit on our laps and sit in our original seats.

I'm hoping that the kids are not freaked out by the bigger than life creatures we get to "Meet and Greet" before the show. I think Big Bird will be the scariest because I'm secretly still scared of an 8 foot tall bird. So maybe Julie and Jacob will go to the meet and greet and I'll just take the kids with me to our seats.

Either they will be mesmerized by this performance or screaming to get away. I don't think its going to be anywhere in between. So I'm guessing that John and maybe Brooke and I will be spending a lot of time in the lobby. While Julie, Jacob and Matthew enjoy the show.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My pretty girl

I love to dress Brooke up. The next thing on my Thankful list is Gymboree. :)

Being Thankful

I have not posted what I'm thankful about lately. I've been thinking of them, but just not taken the time to do it.

  • I'm thankful for family
  • I'm thankful for the gifts God has given me
  • I'm thankful for television (yes, I do watch a lot of television)
  • More importantly, I thankful for the distraction of television for the kids
  • I'm thankful my garbage disposal
  • I'm thankful my kitty is still healthy
  • I'm thankful that Scott has a secure job and good insurance

My big helper

Jacob has been so sweet the past couple of days. He spilled orange juice all over the kitchen table and the floor. I was pretty upset with him at first and he kept stepping in it, so I yelled at him. He went upstairs and was crying.
I called him down and told him I was sorry for yelling at him. I was mad because orange juice is sticky and will take a long time to clean up. He said he was sorry.

Then later as I was still cleaning he came back in again and said he was sorry. I really appreciated this because this "I'm sorry" came without me prompting him to say it and I could tell it came from the heart.

So he asked if he could vacuum the living room. For about 20 minutes he vacuumed, using the extension and the vacuum to get all floor and hard-to-reach areas.

Then yesterday he vacuumed the whole upstairs and today he wants to do the lower level and wash the wood floors on the main level.

He really will make someone a good wife some day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Long time no talk. Its kind of been like, I'm going to the store. I need some Excel Razors and in my head I repeat to myself, "Excel Razors, Excel Razors, Excel Razors..." I stop in front of something pretty and shiny and that thought goes out my head.

I know why people make lists now.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Busy beaver

Alrighty. I'm a little tardy in posting. The last couple of days I've been a busy beaver working at the YMCA and getting ready for FVMOMs Vendor Fair. Which is a combination of home-based businesses and a craft fair and a bake sale. It was a lot of fun, but very tiring.

Of course Jacob was soooo excited to have a "jewelry party" and he helped set it all up. He also liked running around the gymnasium.

Brooke has been scaring me. I hear things come out of her mouth in the exact tone that I say them. Things like, "I said sit down NOWWW!" "NOOOO, John." "No hitting!" "I said no touching!" Very unladylike to yell. I'm sure that I don't yell like that, right?


I am so thankful for family and friends, especially the kind that help out when they don't have to.
I am so thankful that God gave me a chance to be a mother to four beautiful normal wacky children.
And just so we all do get teary eyed over this post...
I am so thankful for Clonazapam and Hydocodone that make me feel realllly good. And help me sleep like the babies in the next room.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Steam mop

I am thankful for my Shark steam mop. I am even more thankful when Scott uses it! :)

Kinda like it always tastes better when someone else cooks?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


On track of being thankful, its the choices we get in this country. What a blessing it is that we can go out and vote for who we think is the best candidate. We get an opinion and we can express it without censor.

Although my candidate didn't win, I'm glad to see our country making news by electing our first black president.

A cute moment with Brooke. She loves to take her shoes on and off. She was struggling to get her shoes on. I told her to keep the tongue up. So she did. She opened her mouth and kept her tongue up. It was hilarious. I forget sometimes how literal kids can be.

Monday, November 3, 2008


November's a month to take time to reflect and be thankful. So I decided that I'd try and come up with something to be thankful each day of this month.

Since I didn't post something on the 1st or 2nd of the month, I'll post three today.

  • God's care and love in my life and my families lives.
  • Hydrocodone/Vicadin
  • The suspects in the homicide that my husband is working on has been caught by the police in good ol' Illinois. And the second part of this is that teamwork and dedication by all the law enforcement departments involved to their jobs can be shown by the relentless search for these guys.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween fun

Guess what? I'm typing with two hands. Although its a little sore to do so.

Halloween was fun, but short-lived. We only stopped at three places before the meltdown happened.

Then we went back to the house and Jacob handed out candy and some of his pictures he drew to trick-or-treaters. At 6 p.m. he was tired of handing out candy so we turned off our light.

Shortly after, the door bell rang. He opened the door and told the kids, "Sorry, we're closed." I giggled and went and got some candy for the kids.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Helpless - not the Metallica song

I'm typing with my left hand only. My surgery went well. I'm doped up on meds. Luckily I have babysitters to watch me AND the kids. I can't change diapers or dress the kids.
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Santa, a Kitty, Blue and a Monkey

Sometimes its hard to tell who is who or what they are. John was really good about keeping his monkey costume on. I think he felt comfortable in his own skin. :)

Brooke was a white kitty with a tail (which is really cute). I think she should have had little horns on her instead of ears.

Matthew is Blue from Blues Clues. He is so adorable, just like Blue.

Jacob wanted to be Santa Claus. Maybe he'll turn out to be a very generous and giving child.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A busy week

So, I have hand surgery in two days. Scott is no where to be found. He got called in to work at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning on a homicide and well, he won't be home until they catch the bad guys. So I'm looking at plan B for my surgery. Relying on family and friends to take care of me and the kids until he can come home.

Luckily my mom and mother-in-law can help out. And there are friends that come over regularly (Luann and Mark and Shell). It just seems like timing always stinks when it comes to homicides. Oh well, if they thought about their actions before they committed murder, it probably wouldn't happen.

Here's some more pics of the park.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween pictures

Trying to get six, seven, eight or nine people to look at the camera, not cry, not make funny faces, blink or poke someone is like trying to catch water with your hands.

Friday, October 24, 2008

More pictures

I'm sure that a few of you have noticed how cute and photogenic my children are. They get that from me - being photogenic. The cute part is just pure luck or maybe Gods grace.

I get some of the kids clothes from my friend Angela. I'm sure she recognizes the boys shirts and Brooke's jumper.
And you can see the kids personalities.