Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taste tester

Well, my day started off at 5 a.m. being awoken by screaming. Little helpless Brooke wouldn't open her eyes to find her own NUK. So I gave that to her and then Matthew started screaming. I laid him down and gave him his diaper rag and went back to bed. Matthew screamed on and off until the other babies awoke at 7:30 and I got up. Not sure what his problem is, but he's going to be sorting it out by himself in his crib.
With me being sick, I need my beauty sleep and not someone screaming in my ear just because he wants to be by me. So, with that said, I think the rest of the day has gone kind of the same way. Brooke has been throwing temper tantrums all morning, Matthew just starts screaming when someone looks at the same book as he is. Johnny is his normal self. He choreographed the food riot this morning at breakfast and was his giggly self today.
Jacob also must not be getting enough sleep because he's been very sassy and loud all day. We were eating lunch and he said he had to go to the bathroom. He came back about 10 minutes later and said, "I washed my mouth out with soap because I've been naughty." Now, I have not threatened a soap washing for at least a year. I've found other punishments that work just as well. But I know he overheard my sister telling my nephew that he'd get his mouth washed out with soap this weekend, and I guess he fixated on that. So I asked him which soap he had tried because we have regular antibacterial soap and the pump soap from Bath and body in the bathroom. He had tried both and didn't like the soap in the silver container, the other foam stuff tasted better. It was pineapple flavored. So folks, there you have it! The results are in! If you want to get your kids good, use the regular Soft soap antibacterial kind and not the fu-fu flavored stuff from Bath and Body.
The other couple of memorable things that came out of Jacob's mouth this weekend are: "Dude" ( I think he got that from Scott's friend ice fishing) and he used it correctly when he was playing with some toys. And as we were cleaning up for the night getting the babies ready for bed, they were at the TV again. Scott and Jacob were doing something and I passed by Jacob who had just noticed the babies were at the TV again. He muttered, "stupid little babies" and went to go get them away from the TV. Again, I don't say stupid in the house because that's not a kind word and have never uttered the phrase, "stupid little babies." He must have gotten it from someone else or maybe TV. And I know he doesn't feel that way because he's always playing with them and mothering them, it was just something he had heard.

O.K. I confess, I do say stupid in the house but not in front of Jacob because he's a repeater. I TRY to be a living example for my kids, and try is the key word...

The pictures are of Jacob's big catch on December 31st, of John and Matthew sitting in the book box together, a close-up of John, a picture of Matthew sitting in a chair reading and of Brooke throwing a temper tantrum on the floor (isn't it cute?). Of course I can't get them uploaded now... so I'll do it later.

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