Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Führer

Fishing report from Black Otter Lake. Winds from the ESE 5 to 10 mph. Clouds lifting in the early a.m. for variable sunlight throughout the day. Ice Conditions good. 8 to 10 inches thick and water clear and cold. Various fish can be scene on fish camera, however fish were not hungry today. Scott caught a couple bluegill and Jacob caught one bluegill. Was a lot of work with minimal success.

And while the big boys were fishing, my babies and I were at home. Johns fever was gone today, but I did go to Sam's Club to get some Tylenol just in case. Luann came over to watch the monkeys while I was gone. The babies each took turns putting this High School Musical purse over their heads and wearing Brooke's purple crocheted hat. John decided that Luann should put the purse over her head and I was surprised he didn't try to put the hat on her. But he did give her a kiss. He can be such a sweetheart for small moments of time. We have to cherish these times.

This afternoon I brought out a box of hats because the kids were fighting over Brooke's purple hat. They were so darn cute! There were sunhats, baseball caps, floppy hats, etc... and they were all tried on and analyzed. John and Matthew just laughed and giggled at each other putting on hats and playing their own version of peek-a-boo. John had his Steve Irwin hat on and he couldn't have been cuter. John went gangsta as he wore his hats backwards. Now, I would have loved to post pictures or have video of this event, however the camera and video camera were in possession of my husband, Scott. Since I didn't have either I called Mark and Luann to witness the cuteness.
Scott was over at his parents house taking pictures of our beloved boat to sell it. I love that boat, having ordered it from the factory, picking out options and color schemes. However, there are some downfalls to my beautiful boat. 1) Its a Ski boat and not a fishing boat 2) It weighs two tons and sucks the life out of the truck 3) It takes a lot of gas 4) Gas is very expensive and will only get worse this summer 5) When fishing from the boat, only a few people can fish comfortably due to the design 6) It barely fits in the garage

So Scott's looking for some aluminum thing that has aerated fishing things and storage space and stuff. It won't have a sunpad, or a swim platform or nice ladder off the back, it won't have a wake board tower to hang from... There are some fish and skis out there, but its like going from a nice sporty car to a minivan. Its deja vu!

I think this is just a sign that we are getting older or that we have become boringly practical.

Today, Brooke was pretty funny herself. She likes to climb on top of the speaker next to the TV and try to grab stuff on top of the TV. Then she likes to dangle a leg off or just stand on one leg likes she's going to walk off the speaker. Problem is that its 16 inches or so off the ground and that a huge step for someone under a yard. She does the same thing on the couch and chair too. I don't want her to fall and hit her head on something.
Brooke has a lot of characteristics of someone who is infamous. She swings one arm when she walks, she stands very stiffly and will point with her arm, she can stare you down very easily. Another similarity between this person and Brooke is that they share the same ancestry - they are German. She's blond and blue-eyed and he liked blonds with blue eyes. She can be mean as they come and so could he. However that's about where the similarities end. She was not out to conquer the world or torture and kill millions of people, just her brothers. I saw her today take Matthew down by his hair. I didn't even realize that he had long enough hair that she could pull him down by it. Poor kid, hes so passive, he just laid there and screamed as she tried to pull him around. I did intervene and held Matthew and gave him kisses and hugs. He's probably 4 to 5 pounds heavier than her, he really should use that to his advantage.

Its funny how my eye twitching stops when the monkeys go to bed.

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