Monday, January 14, 2008

Memory Lane

Picture this... early 1990s, MTV, a video playing with a fish flopping on the ground, slowly asphyxiating itself and then a dude playing the piano at the close of the video? Remember that one? Its Epic by Faith No More. I heard the song on the radio today and remembered almost every lyric! I even remembered the parts that were distinguishable then! You know...

You want it all but you can't have it! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Its in your face but you can't grab it! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Whats it? Itsit? Lalalalalablah blah BLAH!

So with age doesn't always come wisdom. I still can't understand their lyrics without peeking inside the tape cover.

How come I can remember a song from 15+ years ago and not remember my grocery list?

Another interesting observation about toddlers is that they find whats on each other's plates a lot more interesting to eat than whats on their own plates. Even if it is the same EXACT thing. Matthew and Brooke were nibbling off each other's plates this weekend when they were sitting by each other. I tried to point out that each of them had the same green beans on their plate, but they wanted to reach over and take what each other had. They found this quite amusing and they did eat a lot.

Well, gotta go! Jacob wants to have a jewelry show tonight. He asks almost everyday when we are going to have a jewelry show. He loves to set up the jewelry and display it. However, he does balance this "behavior" out with setting up a racetrack with poker chips for his cars to race around in.

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