Sunday, January 20, 2008

Triplet Questions

Here's a Q & A of triplet/multiple questions that Scott or I have gotten in the past two years.

#1 Question "Where you on fertility medicine?"

Yes, I was on fertility medicine. Clomid 50 mg. I have endometrosis, my symptoms were coming back and I wasn't ovulating. Dr. Acosta gave me the low down on Clomid. 5 to 8% chance of multiples (and later I found out 1/2% chance of triplets). AND, I was on the lowest dose.

#2 Question "How do you handle it?"

God gave us them and I'm hoping he also gave us coping skills. I think I'm an organized person and that helps a lot because as their caregiver you have to keep schedules, right things down, keep them on a schedule of sorts so you can get things done. We are blessed with family right here in the area. We have awesome friends that help out too. Our church stepped up and had a diaper drive, meals for about the first 5 months, and we still have a few people who love to come over and get some triplet love.

#3 Question "Do they sleep in the same room?"

They have always slept in the same room, but separate cribs. They have crib tents over their cribs so they cannot climb out. They don't seem to wake each other crying. Although sometimes naptime can be hard if one doesn't want to go to sleep and the other two do. I have no plans of separating them until they ask that they want separate rooms.

#4 Question, "Can you breastfeed triplets?"

Yes, you can. I have a friend that has triplets that does breastfeed her babies and has not had to supplement. I was blessed with high-production milk glands and was able to pump for 13 months. (I was runner-up at the Wisconsin state fair '06 and '07) Because the babies were premature and in the NICU, they got used to a bottle and to leave the NICU they had to take 60 mls (2 ounces) for 24 or 48 hours. Well, its hard to work on breastfeeding in the hospital when i was only there for one feeding a day for each child. I had to take care of Jacob. And then when I got home, I realized how hard it was to teach a child to nurse while listening to the others cry. So I did what I had to do and just pumped. They also needed a supplement to gain weight, so this was the easiest for us to mix the milk with the supplement.

#5 Question, "When did you find out?"

I went for my regular 16 week appointment and I was measuring big. The doctor said I was measuring like I was 24 weeks along versus 16 weeks. Sooooo, it could have been the wrong due date, twins, or something else like a tumor or growth.... I got the 2:45 appointment the next day for an ultrasound and Scott and I went. I blogged previously that's when I found out that we'd be parents of triplets and we did find out that day that there was 2 boys and 1 girl.

I'm glad I didn't find out sooner because I would have been paranoid about everything. I was sick from week 5 to 12 throwing up and really nauseous. Then at 12 weeks I got an electrical shock unplugging a computer and I was scared that it may affect the baby. But, they were meant to be...

#6 Question (or statement) I can't imagine!
No you can't.

#7 Question "How do you feed them all at once?"
Easy. Really. The best way to feed two at once are to sit them in bouncy seats on either side of you and feed them. Usually you have a faster eater than the other so then you just burp one on your shoulder or sitting up and keep feeding the other.

#8 Question, "Are you done?"
(Having multiples really opens the door to some thoughtful (or thoughtless) questions.) Depending on my mood, sometimes I say, "No, I'd like to have more." Or I say, "Four healthy children is enough for me." Or I say, "I always wanted to have my children close together, so I had them a minute apart."

#9 Question, "How do you tell them apart?"
I STILL get this question a lot. Well, if its got an outtie, its a boy... or in Jacob's words, "John has the standup hair", Matthew is bigger, and Brooke is a GIRL!

And finally, some of the things that I could not do without...
God, family, friends, Medela Pump N' Style, swings, Jumperoo, the burrito hold, Zoloft, HoMedics noise machine, Runabout Triple Stroller, disposable diapers, NUKs, my planner, alone time with Scott outside the house, Laurie Berkner DVD, Ultimate Baby Wrap, Superyard Gate, Duct tape, Robeez shoes, harnesses, Leap Frog Musical Activity Table, exersaucers, crock pot to warm up bottles, and the DVR.

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