Monday, January 21, 2008

The day that never ended

Tough, tough day. Other people have tough days. They are dealing with critically ill family, loss of job, special needs children, health issues, financial problems, and other really life altering things.

So my tough day falls into the "I'm blessed with healthy children, however they are driving me nuts" category. Specifically Brooke and John.

If its not one thing, it is the other. They would go from one spot to another touching, climbing, unplugging things just to watch my reaction. Over and over again. My back would be turned dealing with Brooke and then John would crawl behind the TV and start unplugging things.

So, the whole "no" thing was getting old, the distraction idea was thrown out after a few tries. Next comes the old crib. I hate to use the crib as a punishment because thats where they sleep, but I leave the light on when I put them in there and zip up the crib tent. Brooke was in her crib about 4 times today and John was either 3 or 4 times. You'd think they would learn. And on top of this they would try to get out of their highchair and stand on the highchair or crawl on the table. Over and over again.

I do remember having problems with Jacob at this age, but these things Jacob NEVER did. He threw toys or got sassy to be put in time out.

I am so defeated today. Its one of those days that I think, "its o.k. to cry." Thanks for the advice Ann.

Jacob kept telling me today, "mom, those babies are a lot of work!" "Mom, I help you watch the babies!" "Good thing I'm here to watch the babies!" What a darling. I am very lucky!

And Matthew, sweet Matthew who just plays with toys and isn't looking to climb to the top of the TV.

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