Thursday, January 31, 2008

Out like a lion!

January is going out like a lion! That whole lamb and lion thing really can be applicable to any month. And it applies to January.

I cannot believe how cold it has been.

O.K. on to topics that people are really interested in.

I took a nap a dinnertime because I didn't feel well. Due to being really cold, a headache and a really sore knee. I got up to eat some peanutbutter toast. The babies were all over me, so I only put peanut butter on one piece and then gave them the other dry piece of toast to tear apart.
After they devoured that, they circled around me looking for my weak spot. Matthew and John sprang and crawled/climbed on my lap and got a bite of my toast. I pulled off a piece and gave it to John. John gave it to Brooke and I didn't see what she did with it.
About 10 minutes later I looked at her and found that she had a red spot on her cheek and her eye was puffy. She was rubbing at her face and I washed it off thinking she had gotten something on her face and eye.
A few minutes later some hives started appearing on her cheeks and her eye looked worse. I gave her benadryl and then called Nurse direct. They told me as long as her lips/throat weren't swollen that I didn't have to take her in and that I should just watch her overnight.

I should have listened to my instincts and stayed away from those allergen type foods until they were three. I did that with Jacob, but everyone told me I was being silly. So, now I know better and will listen to what my motherly instinct is telling me.

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