Thursday, January 24, 2008

Am I Evil?

Well, I'm alive. I made it through the day. So did my mom who watched the rugrats most of the day.
And the kids only ended up with bumps and bruises. :) Brooke rolled down the stairs and John fell down a few stairs. But since we have a quad, its only 7 that I have to worry about. We put the gate at the top of the stairs so they couldn't explore the bedrooms and bathrooms. The variety of gates we do own wouldn't work at the bottom of the stairs going up because of the open staircase. I did buy one today that is only 27 inches high, but when I put it up Brooke turned into Rosemary's baby and shrieked like.... well, she was possessed. So I took it down.

They really had a good time today and we found a few more things to child proof. Its hard to get work done though when they follow me around like puppies. I wish they were like puppies and would clean the floor after a meal.

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