Friday, August 1, 2008

This ain't a picnic in the park

My brother in law picked this up for FREE for us and the kids have been fighting over it since. Jacob was really helpful in giving them rides. He also sets up an obstacle course at the end of the driveway so that people can't get in and the babies can't get out. Well, this lasted for the first time and now they just jump over the cones. Its the thought that counts though, right?

We spent most of the night outside playing, eating, messing stuff up and waiting for Scott to come home from work. But at last, we had to take the walk around the circle by ourselves. Jacob rode the tractor and then he got off of it and pulled it all the way home.

Its rare that I get all my kids sitting by each other and not crying or sitting on another, so enjoy this picture. They were patiently waiting for me to feed them crackers that Luann had brought over. They were really hungry and ate 1/2 the box. Jacob didn't finish his meal so I he couldn't have any until he went inside to finish his Chicken Pot Pie. My chicken pot pie is to die for and everyone else likes it, but he hems and haws and is such a sissy about eating it. Its butter, vegetables and pie crust. Who doesn't like stuff with butter?

Since we went to Oshkosh to look at the airplane show. The kids have really noticed the airplanes flying by. The picture below is of the kids yelling, no screaming, AIRPLANE! over and over again. Its actually kind of cute when I'm not standing right next to them.

Not sure how they could see the airplane from sitting inside the garage, but I know they heard it. Brooke actually had the sense to get off her duff and go outside and look for the thing.

Jacob wanted me to take pictures of him sitting on the boat. He posed for me, which of course were all silly. He, daddy and grandpa callaway are going fishing again tomorrow on Lake Michigan. May they catch 3 fish.

So, the kids were really digging the crackers and I was holding the box and they were only taking one or two at a time. Great.
I put the box down to put the stroller back together and below is a picture of what I found. They had emptied the box in the back of the van (where the stroller was) and were stomping/grinding it into a floor. Resale on mini-vans should be at an all-time low with how messy kids are. I'll alert everyone when I buy a new van so you don't buy my old one. I think I probably have 10 lbs of ground up food in crevices and nuks that I cannot get at.

This post took me over an hour to do because both computers were not working. The laptop I couldn't get a network connection no matter what I did. The main computer was as slow as snail. Its really frustrating when I want to get something done and nothing is working. So while I kept rebooting, I did do the dishes, or at least put them in the dishwasher. Less work for me to do in the morning then.

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