Sunday, August 24, 2008

We get what we git and don't throw a fit!

I'm at 260. Not my weight. Not my IQ (but really close), but my number of Blogs.

We've been playing a lot outside. Scott got down the basketball hoop and Jacobs been practicing a lot. So has Brooke and Matthew when they are out.
Side walk chalk is very popular and my budding artist made me a flower garden in the driveway. He has already surpassed my skills as an artist. Its so sad I'm artistically challenged when it comes to drawing.

Yesterday a couple of big things happened. First, I found a caterpillar in the garage making its way to a tree. So I showed the kids and we put it in a container with a few holes in it so we could watch it turn into a butterfly. We gave it maple leaves, a couple twigs and grass and a little water. So today I checked on the caterpillar and it had started building a cocoon already. Or according to Miss Spider's Sunnypatch kids, a chrysalis.

It was really neat going out to the garage and looking at the caterpillar inside its silk spun cocoon working. It also creeps me out because they are wormy and they slither and they have that big black eye or face that is scary. So, I looked up my yellow caterpillar thinking it would turn into some beautiful butterfly. I was a little disappointed that it was going to turn into a moth. But that's because I have phobias about moths. This is one of those good life lessons that you expect one thing and get another and just have to roll with it.

The other big thing in the Callaway household is that Brooke has been moved to her own room. And she has a roommate. Jacob decided to sleep in the bunk beds in her room.

I was not going to separate the kids until they wanted to be separated. However, this past week has been frustrating with the lack of napping and the surplus of messing around.

Since the cribs were so close together, they'd unzip each others crib tent. Throw blankets at each other. Toss other objects out of their cribs. Undress, take off diapers, and jump around.

Now, Matthew is at one side of the room and John is in the other corner. The last two days have been great napping days so I'm guessing that this may work. Or the lack of sleep is catching up with them and they needed really long naps.

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Deanna said...

CONGRATS to Brooke on moving into her own room!! What a big step. Glad nap time is going better...