Monday, August 18, 2008

Metallica Letdown

I know that there are probably more important things in the world to some people or even more interesting things. Just remember to nod your head politely like I do when someone talks about country music to me.

I've been a fan faithful of Metallica since 1990. I have liked every single one of their albums and for the most part almost every single one of their songs...until now.

Metallica came out with a new album, Death Magnetic (I think its called) and the first new single is called "The Day that never comes".

The first time I heard it, I waited for the build up, the good part, the part that had me tapping my hands on the steering wheels and humming along. Didn't happen.

The second time I listened again and it reminded me of "Low Man's Lyric" that it was really mellow, but never hooked me.

I'm not sure I'll even buy this album. O.K. CD, whatever.

This is really a crossroads for me since Metallica is one of my all-time favorite bands.

I saw that they'll be at the Bradley Center in January this year and I'd love to go and see them, but I'm sure Scott won't want to go with me. They usually do a great job of playing two or three songs from every album they have made. The only way I can get Scott to go is if Korn or Godsmack is touring with them.

Today in the car, "Seek and Destroy" was playing. That's one of Metallicas earlier songs. I always tell Jacob what group sings the song on the radio. I feel this is an extra education that will really mean something in 5 to 10 years. And to balance this education out, I occasionally will turn on the classical channel on cable and let him hear Bach, Mozart, etc... (I really do)

So getting back to what I meant to say. I told Jacob that this was Metallica playing on the radio. And he looked around and said, "We're in Metallica?" Like it was a town. I said, "No, they are the ones who sing this song. Just like Laurie Berkner since some of your favorite songs." And then he understood. He also started banging his head and growling. He really got into the spirit of the song. Then he asked me what they were saying and I realized that the lyrics really weren't meant for a 5 year old. They were not swearing or anything, but its kind of dark and deep.

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