Monday, August 11, 2008

I love my...

MTV? No. VW Bug? Nope. cat? Well, yes, but that's not what I'm getting at.

I love my DVR. My TIVO for all of you non Time-Warner Cable people.

I have "Tivoed" every part of the Olympics and then will fast forward to the parts I like to watch.

The spirit of the Olympics is just contagious. Its really eye opening to see a different culture than ours and I hope that this huge event brings some fortune to the Chinese in the human-rights arena. I personally was disgusted by the stories of the now homeless thousands of Chinese whose homes/apartments were destroyed to build the Olympic grounds. And the air quality is worse than Kaukana. I can't imagine the life expectancy of those who regularly breathe that air.

On to the hooligan reports.

Saturday I went out for a little while. Scott was on the "kid" watch. He walked out of the room for a couple minutes and came back to John, who had the Triple Paste cover off the jar. Anyone know what Triple Paste is? Bueller? Bueller?

Its a butt paste. Its got zinc oxide in it. I'm not sure what the "Triple" means. Does it mean Triple trouble? Triplet beware? Triple the fun? It protects butt, bottom and scalp?

That's what John thought. He was busy massaging Triple paste into Brooke's and Matthew's hair. After numerous hair washings by Scott, Brooke's hair still looked a little clumped.

When Scott told me this story, the first thing I asked was, "Did you take any pictures?" I mean, its one thing to write about it, but to SEE it is way good. Nope, he didn't grab the camera.

Next day, Sunday, the day of rest. I need to have a convo with God about this because children were not programmed for the day of rest. So obviously there needs to be a ratification of that law when you have children. Maybe after the sun goes down on the seventh day? I digress.

So, on Sunday the kids were using the sidewalk chalk. John walks into the garage and a board fell on the tip of his toe and immediately the toe squirts out blood. Eew.
So I pick him up and tell Jacob to watch the other babies because I was the only one home and we were in the front yard. So dripping blood throughout the house I grab a towel and put it on Johns toe. We head upstairs to the first aid section of the bathroom. I grab triple antibiotic ointment (there is that word again) and some Dora band aids. We go outside and I tell Jacob again to watch the babies. I sit John on my lap and proceed to clean, sanitize and bandage. After deep concentration with wiggling toddler, I notice after a few minutes that its quiet and the other two are not visible.
I go to the van which they like to play in. Matthew was sitting in the drivers seat while Brooke was watching and was "drawing" with sidewalk chalk all over the drivers seat, door, wheel, dashboard...

At this point, I think I swore. I'm pretty sure it was out loud too.

Then Monday, I was chasing everyone around the main level brushing their teeth. Matthew goes his own way after getting his teeth brushed and he pushed a ride-on toy up to the counter and spilled my margarita. I grabbed him and started cleaning him off and then Scott came in and cleaned up the rest. He spilled my margarita. That is totally worth spanking. But instead I just took him upstairs, got on different PJ's and put him to bed. We had a "talk" where I tried looking him in the eyes and he was jabbering and looking everywhere else. I told him he would not be doing that again or he'll be going in his crib.

** No children were harmed by their mother in the making of this blog. Names, situations and places are sometimes changed to protect the innocent. The mother reserves the privilege to revoke or suspend rights of her children.

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Deanna said... really sound like you've been busy. That triple paste story is sooo funny!! I agree pictures would have said it all!!!

And I'm still trying to figure out the Sunday day of rest as well...when you figure it out let me know!!!