Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett Favre 4ever!

How many of you are sick of this whole Brett Favre thing? You Jets fans have just gotten a very passionate and fun-loving quarterback. Congratulations.

I totally understand from the business standpoint that if you retire/quit and after a few months want your job back, you can't because they replaced you.
From a fan standpoint, I just want to see Brett Favre play. He's got an arm like few have seen. Ask many of his receivers that have broken their fingers. He pulls out plays that few can. I love that he can throw on his off foot.
I'm glad this is over with. Now General Hospital will not be pre-empted with announcements.

And for all of you that have bones to pick. LET THEM GO! Its out of our control, its been done and we should be worrying about more pressing things, the 2008 election, the new scoring system in Olympic gymnastics or even that McDonalds is taking items off the $1.00 menu due to costs.

Tonight, I went to the Melting Pot, which is a fondue restaurant in this area. I think we only have one in this area. For the Fox Valley, its an expensive restaurant with meals for 2 costing over $100 on average. They have ladies night for $15 and that's without an entree. So, that's pretty cheap compared to the regular meal. Well, I personally walked away hungry. I had cheese and bread, a salad and then chocolate covered stuff. They may serve the proper portion of foods, but I'm used to super-sizing my meals.
And the waitress was absent from our table. I had an empty soda glass for over an hour before it was refilled. And of course the tip was put in the bill already because we had a party over 8.

John has found a new skill. He loves to take off his diaper after he wets or poops in it. How nice. I'm not naive to thing that he's ready for potty-training. You'd think he would want to tell me when he's dirty or wet like the other two do. But he's got to be independent and controlling. He'll do it on his terms. So today he was hiding in the Kangaroo climber and I didn't see he was naked. I was in the middle of changing Brooke's messy diaper and used all the wipes. Before I could get Brooke's diaper on, John pops up and runs into the living room where I notice he's naked, hanging onto his penis, and has excrement on his bum. So I grab him leaving Brooke without a diaper on the changing table. With my death grip on him I grab more wipes out of the closet and wipe him up. I diaper him standing because he's the more likely of the two to pee. Then I diaper Brooke up and start looking for traces of John. He was smart enough to put his diaper on the changing table. And it looked and smelled like he didn't get any "stuff" in the kangaroo climber. I guess I'll have to start duct taping his diaper during the day too.

I put Jacob's Uppercase living stuff up on his wall. I'll have to take a picture of it as it turned out really nice. I put a fish scene above his headboard. There are fish hiding in the weeds with a turtle and his name above the weeds. And then above his closet door I have, "Fish tales told here" which is very appropriate for Jacob.

Happy anniversary to Scott and I. It was 9 years ago yesterday. One of the best days of my life because I married a pretty nice guy. We compliment each other in the way that we are different from each others personalities, but still have the same common goals. I still like him and I think he still likes me. And we've got four beautiful healthy children, a house, debt, a couple of vehicles, a boat and a really nice backyard. I mean really really nice.

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