Monday, August 4, 2008

I love Crayola

Today I let the kids play with that Crayola magic wonder markers (the kind that only make marks on that special paper) and while I was getting that out, the babies found more colored pencils and markers.

Matthew sat for quite awhile coloring? marking? scribbling on a notebook. At least today he didn't color on himself.

Brooke loved coloring with the magic wonder markers and spent much of the day doing that until I brought home some more Magic Fusion clay stuff that crayola makes. Then she made "balls" with her clay.

John was very shy and didn't want his picture taken. So he just peeked out of all the holes in the Kangaroo climber. He can be so darn cute that I just want to keep him.

Today, Jacob's kindergarten teacher came by to visit. They do regular home visits to make sure we have books, electricity, working water, etc...
Jacob was more interested in playing with cars and building tracks. He did talk with his teacher for a little while. I'm hoping he really likes school this year. Last year he never wanted to go. I just found out there will be seven boys and maybe eight girls in his class. Three total will only be going for 1/2 days and one girl is going 1/2 days with the option of going 1 to 2 full days.

I've been busy sewing and making stuff to sell for our FVMOM annual fall rummage sale. Until then, I post the stuff on the website to sell. I was pretty proud of my Hello Kitty that I made. Not sure why the picture is turned. Just tilt your head a little and you can see it just fine.


Angela said...

I love the Hello Kitty one!!! How creative!

Kamie said...

The Hello Kitty is adorable, hope the next one (if you attempt) goes quicker though! wow.

Brooke looks too cute in her dress-I bought Evelyn the same one when I met you at the mall.