Friday, August 29, 2008

Bathtime idiosyncrasies

Well, its day II of no more NUKs. Brooke took a shortened nap today so I put her to bed first. She was standing up and crying. I put the boys to bed and she was still crying. I read a book to Jacob and she was still crying. Soooo, I got her up and cuddled with her for 15 minutes. She was wide-awake and poking at my face. And now I hear her talking in her bedroom and Jacob is sleeping, or trying to sleep, in the bunk beds not one foot from her bed.

John didn't make a peep after I put him to bed. He looked for his NUKs and I told him that the NUKs were all gone and I can't believe he didn't throw a little bit of a fit. Not even a little itsy bitsy bit.

I worked at the Y today, not on the membership desk, but at the scanning desk. On my feet for five hours. I'm not used to that, so my feet were pretty sore, and it was the friday before a holiday so it was not busy.

I get home and the kids need a bath since I think they rolled in sidewalk chalk. The evolution of bathtime has changed a bit since they were first put in the tub at 10 months. They were bathed together, they had pooping issues in the tub, so they got separate baths due to pooping and standing up in the bathtub issues, their baths were 2.5 minutes long. Next phase, baths together again that lasted a little bit longer. I leave the water running just a little bit so they can fill their cups up and pour water over each other. Matthew likes to pour water from cup to cup and really likes to splash water at me. Brooke likes to stand up and jump. This gets her taken out of the tub. She also likes to splash, throw things and pour water over her brothers heads. John likes to lay down in the tub, splash water at me and sit by the faucet and watch the water come out. He also likes to pour water over the others heads. He also likes to touch the other babies butts and say "poop" and giggle.

No one likes to get out of the tub and this is usually a struggle. And then they try to run out of the bathroom, but usually end up slipping because of all the water on the floor because of the splashing.

Is it a one-man job? Yes. But I close off all the doors upstairs and open the gate so they go downstairs and don't get into trouble. I don't want them touching the toilet or garbage in the bathroom so I send them out. I wonder why toilets are a magnet for children?

Shell Dinter and I took the kids to the New Zoo today. We had a really good time. We got to feed the giraffes these crackers. Brooke was a little scared of the giraffes, but Jacob, Matthew and John gave the giraffes crackers. We saw, little lion cubs that are a month old, bears, bison, Japanese Macaque monkeys, moose, snakes, praire dogs, other children.

Then we stopped at Old McDonalds and got about 20 chicken McNuggets which no one ate. But they love french fries. Its one of the words that Matthew can say quite distinctly.

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