Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jacob was really excited all day for the FVMOM annual picnic. He thought we'd be sitting on a blanket eating food, but instead we sat at a picnic table. Very disappointing for a 5 year old.

This morning we went to the mall. We stopped at a store for under 10 minutes and the kids were not happy to be strapped in the stroller. John and Brooke made it known that they did not want to be in the stroller. But things went much better after that.

We also ate at the mall and the kids sat on those miniature tables made for little ones. I actually got to eat my meal in relative peace. They all sat for at least five minutes before wanting to get up and go to the play area.

Then when we got to the play area, I never lost one once! I plunked my chair right at the entrance of the play area and watched the kids. John and Matthew got hungry and crawled up into their seats in the stroller and finished off the happy meal.

Then we got home and Jacob and I made cupcakes when the babies were sleeping and we did a little "crafting". He glued some buttons on felt and I made barrettes. Its nice that he likes to do that with me.

The pictures are from a couple of days ago when Brooke really took off and started peddling on her own. She really didn't want her picture taken (and it shows), but they are classic Brooke - I've lost my patience poses.

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Collegegirl said...

Picnics, malls, and food. Sounds like ya'll are having a grand old time. Stay cool and have fun!