Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is parenting at a new low?

On Yahoo news tonight there was an article about a recent poll parents were given. Its seems that parents worse fear for their children is violence in games - X-box, Wii, those kind of games.

Now I realize that many kids have these systems, but I cannot believe that drugs, drinking, peer pressure, sexual abuse, etc.. does not come in above this.

I can control what happens in our home (well, to a certain extent). If my children don't have the "M" rated for Mature games and they have friends that do have those games... how about talking with their parents and letting them know that those games are off limits when your children are over? Or how about not letting them go over to their houses if they don't listen?

Maybe I don't realize what I'm in for because my oldest is just entering kindergarten, but my son doesn't walk around with a Gameboy in his hands at every social event or outing.

My worst fear as a parent right now are predators. I still think my worst fear when they are 12, 14 or 16 will still be predators. Maybe its because Scott's a cop and he sees the other side of society. The monsters who lurk or like to "look" or "watch" children.

I'm in the middle (o.k. I'm on page 12) of Protecting the Gift, How to keep our children and teenagers safe.

Off my pedestal... I was just cruising through the world of blogs and I like to read this one occasionally. This post is so compelling and heartfelt... its about the "r" word. The word that society throws around as slang, as another term for those with Downs Syndrome.

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