Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The ugly part of parenting

Have you ever noticed when people have children their conversations mostly are about poop and pee?

Its really annoying when you don't have kids. No one wants to hear about the color or odor or consistency. But once you have kids... its all open game.

So skip this if you don't feel you need to know about my children's bodily habits.

So the kids lay down for their naps. We had a time crunch here today because we were going down to the EAA to see the airplanes and helicopters and shop at 3:30. So took the kids outside and ran em around, we swung, we swam, we rode on toys, we bathed, etc... And do you think that they would lay down and sleep? No. Two of them had messy diapers. And this was a 1/2 an hour into when they were supposed to be sleeping. So I rocked Matthew and put him back to bed. No sleep for him, awhile later still up. So I brought him back down and he had another messy diaper. Got the other two up a 1/2 hour later and then John had a messy diaper.

And then tonight since Matthew didn't take a nap, I put him to bed at 7:30 p.m. and he was still up at 8 p.m. when I put John and Brooke to bed, and sure enough... another dirty diaper.

What am I feeding these children? I can't wait until they can take care of their own bathroom needs themselves and I don't have to touch poop and pee again.

Soooo, my sister Julie and I took the kids down to EAA. We parked at the outlet mall and got the lawn chairs out and snacks and drinks for the kids. Jacob thoughtfully packed cars and dolls and blocks for the kids to play with and handed them out during the air show. He was trying to earn back three sad marbles from yesterday. He got two of them back today, leaves one for good behavior tomorrow. (I feel like I'm trading again, talking about leaves)

Jacob and John were so excited to see the airplanes and helicopters flying around. Matthew and Brooke, not so much. But we sat for probably 30-45 minutes and watched and then we shopped.

I told Jacob we were only going to two shops, but it ended up being five. And the kids were very good for being two year olds strapped to a stroller. Jacob kept reminding me that it was more than two stores. BUT, we had to get him some shoes for school and Stride Rite had awesome sales. AND, (I'm taking a deep breathe) the outlet mall just got a new store. A Gymboree outlet store. I am so lucky to live within 25 miles of a real Gymboree level 2 store and a Gymboree outlet store. God bless America.


Collegegirl said...

*HUGS* Sorry the day was not as great! Hope today is brighter!!!

Kelly Laabs said...

I've had some poopy nap times too. The other day the girls wouldn't settle down and when I went in, both had pooped. Kyla also decided to take off her diaper and had poop on her face, hands and sheet. I couldn't get that smell off of me for the rest of the day. I guess I'll have to take your advice and get out the duct tape!