Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here's a quick rundown of my day.

Took Jacob to school.
Jacob was fine until he realized I wasn't going to stay.
There were tears and hugs.
I left to go to chapel.
He sat by the rest of the kindergartners and was fine.
Came home, John fell off his chair onto sharp rocks.
Cut his head open.
He was ready to go home at 11:30 a.m.
We ate at McDonalds.
I discovered that the economy has finally hit a new low.
The Big Mac only has one piece of cheese on now. (I think the last time I had it, which was last year, had two slices)
Jacob went to the bathroom twice and left his stall door open.
Woman came in and saw him peeing.
Came home and then went to store to get liquid band aid.
Came home and put liquid band aid on.
Cut hair around gash on back of the head.
Put kids to bed.
Started making barrettes.
Child wakes up.
Has a messy diaper.
Doesn't go back to bed.
Wants my hot glue gun.
Mom sadly stops making barrettes.
Shell Dinter arrives.
She brings food.
We eat food outside.
Other two babies get up.
Jacob plays basketball.
Babies want to go back inside.
We go back inside.
Mom goes to Uppercase Living party and has a good time.
Mom comes home to find out that she caused the main computer to breakdown.
Mom opened an e-mail that said, "you have an e-card."
Mom didn't know that it was a virus.
She didn't know it was a really, really bad one.
Friend that fixes computers is gone for a whole week.
Poor computer.
Poor momma, she really should read her e-mails.

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