Thursday, August 28, 2008

I did it!

The last time Brooke and John used their Nuks was for todays afternoon nap. I told them when they got up that the Nuks were going bye-bye and they were all gone. I have this book that was in the $ bin at Target called Bye-Bye Pacifier and read it to them several times. Scott put them to bed and John cried for a real short period of time. Brooke didn't cry at all. I hope tonight goes well.

I kept procrastinating because it was easier for me to let them keep the Nuks because it kept them quiet. Also the Speech and Occupational Therapists told me to wait until John was awhile into his therapies before taking it away. So I can blame it on them too.

John has other age-appropriate teething or mouthing toys for his oral fixations.

Jacob doesn't have school tomorrow so all the kids, Shell Dinter and I are taking them to the New Zoo in Suamico. I hope they enjoy it. Matthew really cared less when we were at the Milwaukee zoo, but I'm hopeful that he'll show some interest.

Its been hard on me getting up earlier and getting Jacob ready for school. Its emotionally hard when your oldest is going to kindergarten and you realize that someone else is taking care of them for those few hours. And also because he still cries as I try to leave the room.


Angela said...

My kids didn't even start yet and I'm already having a hard time turning my kids over to someone else. I just emailed with Carrie today too regarding it. It is just a very un-nerving feeling. UGH. Please tell me that I'm not alone with the tears!

Deanna said...

Congrats on getting rid of them!
That is a very hard step. The nuky fair came and took ours when we were shopping and left them neat books!!!

Hope they are still doing ok without them!!!

Collegegirl said...

CONGRATS on getting rid of the Nuks!
Have a great weekend!