Sunday, August 3, 2008

B4 dental work

You know how some things are just a typical day for someone, but very untypical for everyone else. Probably would be stressful or surreal?

Today I took the munchkins to Sam's club. We were out of Fruit Snacks. That's a big deal here in the Callaway household. We get the Welch's Fruit Snacks that come in three flavors. 24 to a pack and they are usually gone within 10 days or less.

I got the kids a soft pretzel to eat while I was eating my first dinner. This was their second dinner of the day. The first was turkey, cheese in a soft shell rolled up and heated. They didn't care for it - much. It made a better Frisbee than meal apparently.

So I'm feeding them pieces of this pretzel and John wants out of the cart. He always wants out of the cart now. He'll whine and get up or wiggle. Well, I had all three of them sitting in the big part of the cart just feeding them. He kept putting his leg over the side and I kept telling him to sit and pushing the leg in. So finally he just starts the whining/crying thing that I have become immune to. I look up from my meal and notice that there are a few tables that are giving me that look. You know, the look that says, "Hey you? Don't you hear your son crying because we do and we can't eat!"

So I pack up and leave with John still whining. As I leave I say out loud, "Now you can eat in peace." And I'm sure there were a few sighs of relief.

Next thing, after their nap, I let them draw with pens on paper. I walk out of the room because we had company and come back maybe 30 seconds later and Brooke and Matthew (or maybe Brooke drew on Matthew) all over their legs. They just had swim diapers on so they had full access to their legs.

So we go in the backyard to swim and they haven't had their snacks/supper yet. (In Wisconsin supper is dinner and dinner is lunch) (and my mom calls a sofa or couch a davenport) So I cut up some salami, bring it to them, put it on their picnic table and walk inside. I get their mandarin oranges ready, which probably took 1 minute and walk out. At this time the plate and salami had taken a dive in the pool.

So, the pool had to be cleaned out.

The pool got cleaned out and refilled and then the babies got their bath because they had pen on their legs.

And tonight I took my parents to play Bingo at Oneida Casino. We used to go more often, but now with kids its hard to get away. I like to go with my parents because its a nice chance to talk with them and it also gives them a chance to work on their memory recollection and gross motor skills because they are old. (I told them this, so this isn't news to them, hopefully they will remember because then the memory recollection part really has paid off)

We didn't win. But I was fascinated in an sick and twisted way by a woman two tables up who had no upper front teeth. Her lips were concave and curved inward while her chin jutted out. She was probably 40. Now, I have to admit that this really, really disgusts me. I realize that some people can't afford dental insurance, or dental work, or maybe have special reasons for having the upper front teeth missing, but its really so trailer park. (Now before anyone says I'm judgemental or discriminating - I know I'm both. But I have a relative who didn't go to the dentist and lost a bunch of her teeth and she happened to live in a trailer. So I'm speaking from experience.)
If I were her, I'd stop playing bingo for a whole year and save up for teeth. But I guess everyone has their own priorities. This really gives new meaning to flossing and brushing.

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