Saturday, August 16, 2008

Party! Party!

I'm really addicted to making stuff out of felt. Its fun to see what I can create and then what actually turns out.

I'm trying to match some Gymboree lines and I think my flowers/muffin tops turned out well. I probably should be doing something else, like the two loads of laundry that are sitting right next to me, almost touching my toes.

Jacob made his own felt creations too. He was proud of his work and wants me to put a barrette behind them so Brooke could wear them.

Today, it was Karly's party to celebrate her end of chemo and radiation. The party was awesome. They had balloons and banners and Karly/Michelle made a bead necklace that symbolized all of her chemo treatments, transfusions, pokes and prods, radiation treatments, etc... It was a great way to keep track of everything and just makes me so proud of Karly for all she's been through.

My friend, Jill, came with me and the four kids. Her kids were napping so I was glad for the company. We sat outside in the pavilion and met a lot of kids and people with familiar faces from Michelle's blog. It was nice for everyone to come together to celebrate. The kids enjoyed the puppy chow (or whatever you call nuts, M&Ms, chex mix) and it was chocolate flavored. Then they all had a piece of cake. So between the chocolate stuff and the cake, their fingers, their nails and their mouths were stained a nice brown and blue.

I knew it was time to leave when they all started to run around (with Jacob leading the way) outside the pavilion. I really should have eyes in the back of my head sometimes. Its so enduring though to see them all running around chasing each other and just being siblings. I don't know how other people felt about it, but I thought it was cute, well, until they ran out into the parking lot.

So we leave at 2:30 and we get home at 3:00 p.m. This is clearly outsides of the boundaries of our nap times. I put all of them down and they are still wound up. I go in a few minutes later and Matthew has a dirty diaper. Brooke surprising is still jumping up and down in her crib. So still awhile later I hear talking and bumping and noises. I go up again and Brooke is sleeping along with John. Matthew had thrown all his raggies out and was crying. So I tell him its nap time and lay him down again. So, its now after 4 p.m. and he's still whining and crying. The next time I check on him, it seems he's whining in his sleep. And Brooke woke up so I just got her up and laid down with her. Matthew doesn't stop whining in his sleep and it gets louder. So I put Brooke down, who was cute and cuddly sleepy. Matthew and I rock for awhile, but he wants to watch Max and Ruby and not sleep.

This is just a reminder of what I always knew. DON'T MESS YOUR WITH YOUR KIDS NAP TIMES. They get up grumpy and stay that way. Or they are so overtired they can't sleep.

I'm still faithfully taping the Olympics. My favorite events to watch are the beach volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics. Least favorite, probably synchronized mens diving, and any long distance running or cycling events.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for coming! Sorry the kids naps got messed up - but I'm glad they had fun playing.

That's Karly & Nana's special recipe Chex Mix. The key is the chocolate chex cereal! And the M&Ms of course ... I think all the bowls on the table were out of M&Ms first.