Friday, August 8, 2008

Balloon drop

Tonight, Scott and I took the family to Balloonfest in a nearby town. We got there at 5:30 as the hot air balloons were SUPPOSED to take off at 6:00 p.m. There usually is 20 some balloons that participate in this. So we sat and sat and waited. It was too windy for them to take off, but they had their balloons all laid out and ready to be blown up.

6:00 came and went. 7:00 came and went. The kids were good for the first hour, eating and drinking, not straying from us.

But then they started circling us, salivating and growling. I took them for a walk in the triple stroller with Jacob. Every single person we passed had to comment about that stroller. Or the kids, or that I have twins. Or are they all mine? Sigh. Sigh. I'd like to be an ambassador for mothers. I'd like to be a witness for Christ. But really. Every single time we get the dumbest comments. When fat people walk by, people don't comment out loud. Why am I open season?

I think it has to do with Jon & Kate plus 8. Every time someone comes up to me, they ask me if I've seen that show... Jon & Katie and I interrupt and say plus 8. I nod my head yes and tell them I'm glad I only have 1/2 the kids. Love the show, but there is only so much alcohol and calming drugs that I can take.

So I regress. We heard the announcement or cheers that a balloon was going up. So we rushed back to our seats. And we saw the balloon go up. Then everyone started blowing their balloons up (whatever its called) and we waited and waited. Probably for a 1/2 hour. Well, I guess we missed the announcement that they were just doing the "glow" and not going up.

So we left after our kids bedtime and they went to bed without a peep. On the way home Jacob sang them lullabyes. It was one of those sweet moments I'll have to remember when he's 15.

My next t-shirt that I'm going to get made up is, "I can hear what you say about me and my children."


Michelle said...

I know that is a huge pet peeve of yours, but I don't get it. Don't you enjoy showing off your kids? I mean isn't it a perk? They're not saying mean things, are they?

I hope you don't misunderstand me; I'm not trying to be mean - I just really don't know what they say that's the problem. I know I was looking forward to the double strollers & "showing off" my twins. Multiples are special!

BoufMom9 said...

YEAH! So glad you finally got t see he balloons! I was worried your story would end with them not flying.
Jon & Kate...can't tell you how many times I am asked! I was just talking to Russ about this! It's insane! I have so many people tell me we remind them of them and I think... ok, I do have a lot of kids, but I didn't have 6 at once. HOLY!
People are nuts and you are right, we are open season! UGH!

Deanna said...

Love all your recent summer photos!! Looks like you all are having an amazing summer.....

Glad you did get to see the balloons...!!!!

And yes, the Brett saga here in WI ~geesh. I'm going to miss him from the Packers, but still a Favre fan!!!

Happy trails for the rest of the summer!!