Friday, August 22, 2008

A river of blue

Well, the monkeys have stopped using their cribs as trampolines and may just be laying down for a long winters nap.

Right before their nap they were given blue yogurt push ups (by Jacob). This is the second time that they have had them. But usually, I put on a bib and help them with pushing the yogurt up. I went into the kitchen to watch TV and they were in the living room, which I cannot see from the kitchen. I checked on them and helped them a few times.

Well, I most have gotten engrossed in what was happening in Landview and the next thing I knew, John was using his yogurt stick as a sprinkler in the foyer. And then he must have liked the feeling under his feet because he walked all over it. He's a very hands-on kind of kid.

So I wash him off in the sink and yelled (I raised my voice) for the kids to stay out of the mess. I dry off John and get a towel to clean it up and Brooke jumps on my back thinking I was a pony.

It was quite a funny sight. The joys of 2 year olds. It knows no end.

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