Friday, December 14, 2007

Vegetable of lights

Tonight we went to see the "Vegetable of lights" in Oshkosh. This was our second time seeing it. Jacob loved it the first time and kept talking about it so we went back.
The first time I thought it was called Festival of Lights, but as we neared the entrance it was actually called Celebration of Lights. I told Jacob that and apparently he preferred "Vegetable of lights", which IS a catchier name.
Brooke fell asleep again before we even got down there. Matthew stayed awake this time until the ride home and John got to see the lights twice now.
The wait was longer than the actual drive through the park. And since Jacob has his Sunday school Christmas program on Sunday, we needed to practice his couple of songs. I put in the CD and told him we'd only practice once if he sang. He did sing here and there, but before the first song was done, he told me, "I need to rest my voice" and didn't sing anymore. I kept singing and told him to sing along to the CD, but he was done. (I'm sure Scott was willing him to sing just so he didn't have to hear me sing) This just proves the theory that love may be blind, but it is not deaf.

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