Friday, December 14, 2007

Its a four year old thing

I'm "working" on the computer and Jacob is playing his games on the computer. He is playing Caillou kindergarten. Its driving me crazy because he picked the spanish version of the game and it reminds me of being in an international airport (its the announcers voice). "Buen Trabajo!" "Es Correcto" "Lo graste" "Puedo hasta blah, blah, blah" whatever. I ask him if he wants me to get the English version and he gives me a scathing look and states that he wanted to play that version. "You're wrong, I'm right." This sassiness has to stop. Guess what baby? I control whether Santa comes or not!!!
For those of you who have read my previous posts, Jacob has three stars currently with two being in the bad, sad, naughty and sassy area. He is a really big helper and is a very good big brother so I'm trying to play that part up.
He's going ice fishing tomorrow with daddy and one of daddy's friends and hes very excited. Scott and I told him he had to listen well today so he could go. But he told Scott last night that he doesn't know if he can go all day listening well. Its so HARD being four!
Jacob has show and tell each time he goes to school. We pick up another boy, Riley, and they always chat about what they brought for show and tell and what they are doing over the weekend. Well, Riley tells us that they go to hotels frequently and he says they are going to Wisconsin Dells. Jacob replied, "Mama and daddy went to a ho and tel last night." Which his last night can mean last week, yesterday, tomorrow,etc... (We actually got away last sunday). I laughed to myself because my friend Michelle's blog, who I met through the mother of multiples club, had stated that her 4 year old called it a ho and tell too. Jacob always tells Riley that he went fishing or that he has three babies. He tells EVERYONE that, even strangers.

Yesterday, the babies were watching a show quietly and I got sleepy so I laid my head down on the couch. This must mean, come jump on mama. So John came and sat by my feet. He was busy taking off my sandals. Brooke was trying to sit on top of my torso and jump. Matthew was on the floor next to the sofa and he took off with my shoes. So I figure if they can't see my face they'll leave me alone. I put my hood up, but my hair must have been sticking out. John came over and yanked, and I mean yanked, my hair. I sat him near my head, but he wasn't satisfied apparently because rearranged himself to sit on my head. Luckily I could breathe a little, but quickly moved him because I didn't want to smell his lunch. Finally, I laid him next to me to cuddle and he was still. Then I had Brooke sitting on me pulling up my shirt and pinching my back. She is a mean little thing. Matthew whined until I pulled him up and I sat him on my legs and he rode me like a pony. I am not suprised at all the bumps and bruises that I have...

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Michelle said...

Who knew ho-and-tels were so popular!

And I thought it was funny in your last post, that Jacob says you get what you get & you don't throw a fit - we say that, too!

(Karly HATES it when I say that, but it really works for Braden. usually.)