Monday, December 10, 2007

No singing Mama

Jacob has learned so many neat songs from school and Sunday school.

There is one that he sings all the time, "My God is so GREAT, so strong and so mighty, there is nothing that He cannot do. My God is so GREAT (make a muscle), so strong (make a muscle with the other arm), and so mighty (Hulk Hogan pose). The Mountains are His (make a mountain with your arms) the rivers are His (act like you are swimming) and the Stars are his handwork too (reach for the stars). and repeat refrain...

Its really neat how much they learn and now half the songs they put actions to them. Probably to make them more fun. But Jacob tells me I don't sing it right and I'm not doing the actions like I'm supposed to so I've been banned from participating.

While some people know what a great singing voice I have (not really), its kind of hurtful that he has banned me from singing. Now I remember years ago in a performance review being told not to sing at work, but that was more constructive criticism. Or maybe my boss was really reaching for something because I was such a great employee. (Its funny how memories can be so one-sided)
Well, I'm hopeful that Jacob has a better voice than I have. But really, its the joy you get from singing, not the sound you make.


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