Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All Dogs go to Heaven

Today, while shopping at Walmart, Jacob said to me, " I wish daddy could stay home all day and you go to work." I know daddy is fun and has more creative play than mommy. But that still hurts. I took the high road and said, " I wish daddy could stay home all day with us too." I realize that with babies or even with one younger sibling, our play time has been cut to - almost nothing. But it does still hurt. At least the babies still like me over daddy.
Daddy keeps getting bit by John and then Matthew last night. I am not surprised that Matthew is passive aggressive, but I think John is just outright aggressive. Scott and I talked it over, since Matthew actually bit his toe through his sock, we theorized that Matthew actually thought it was his diaper rag. I've seen Matthew put socks in his mouth or anything that is clothlike and white.
The other topic that has been coming up a lot is death. Everytime we got by a cemetery, I hear, "Is this where I die? Are there dead people in there?" I tell him, "Thats where your body goes, but your soul or spirit goes to Heaven." And then I get the question, " What's heaven like?" And it goes on and on and on. So tonight I'm going to sit him down and we're watching "All Dogs go to Heaven." I think that will answer his questions adequately, I'm so glad Disney makes realistic movies that teach kids :) . We also have a children's book, "What's Heaven Like?" and we can read that too.

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