Saturday, December 22, 2007

Socks are meant to go on your feet!

Only three more nights to Christ's birth. How very exciting for everyone! I still have a few presents to wrap, food to prepare, etc...
Jacob went fishing with Scott today again. They took my nephew Nick along too. Didn't catch a thing. (Scott's friend was on the ice yesterday and even with the warm weather there is still 8 inches of ice. )
They were home early because Jacob kept getting his gloves wet - all three pairs. His hands have been hurting because he doesn't always wear gloves. So for the last three nights we have been putting vasoline on his hands and then cover them with socks. And now he wants it on everynight.
Yesterday he brought up his favorite toy - Hotwheels and Matchbox cars - for the babies to play with! They love playing with them. Yesterday Brooke just kept bringing them over to me and Matthew and John played with them on the floor. They played with them for hours yesterday and today.
Tonight we went to the "Vegetable of Lights" in Oshkosh. My mom went with us since Scott was working. First of all, its raining cats & dogs here. Secondly its foggy. Shouldn't rain cancel out fog? Then about 1/2 the lights weren't working and I paid full price. Jacob enjoyed it, John stayed awake for it, but Brooke and Matthew did fall asleep. However they woke up when we stopped at McDonalds and they split a cheeseburger while Jacob had an ice cream cone and french fries. John had fallen asleep.
Jacob and I read Christmas books before he went to bed. His questions have stopped about heaven and dying ever since he watched All Dogs Go to Heaven. He really didn't like the movie, I think it was the mean dogs or cats in the movie. The probably better alternative would be to read a book about heaven - that's probably a better parenting choice.
Speaking of choices, why would anyone get a toddler (my children in particular) musical instrument(s). They are loud, noisy and loud and noisy! Why do some toymakers NOT put an off button on their toys, and what about volume control? I found the Sesame street line of toys doesn't have off or volume controls. I'm off my high-horse now...
I believe in the theory of "give a person a fish, they eat for the day, teach a person to fish and they can eat forever." So if my kids can use their "smarts" to get out of the baby gate, work their way over to the pots and pans and find lids to bang together, they just learned something. But the nice thing about today's gifts is that they usually come with gift receipts...

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