Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Looks can be deceiving

I took the kids to Sam's club today. I like that fact that they have double seater carts - or double wide carts- whatever. Matthew and Brooke sit facing me and John and Jacob sit in the cart. We got some food before we went shopping and then I'll go get another cart and just face the babies towards me and feed them.

The people that were behind us in line sat by us and were smiling at the babies. The lady remarked that the kids were so well behaved. I said thank you. Its nice to get compliments about your children and not these statements, "you've got your hands full! how do you do it? thank god its not me!" Whatever.
So now thats its dinner time, I gave the kids mixed vegetables first. It wasn't 10 seconds after all of them sat down that they ALL started throwing food. Brooke usually doesn't throw food. But they must have conspired against me and planned this as I was making their dinner. I pulled them away from the table and took video of them chanting, "Ball, ball, ball" Those &^$*(ing peas! So I cleaned up the mess and pushed them back to the table. Then I had to walk away... these are the days that either you get out the bottle and drink, go outside and scream, or go blog because you can't swear in front of the kids.

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