Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Back That Thang Up!

Back that Thang up! Baby won't you back that thang up!
After you back it up, then stopThen wha-wha-what, drop drop it like it's hotNow after you back it up, then stopNow, wha-wha-wha-what drop it like it's hotNow drop it like it's hot, drop drop it like it's hotC-M-B make you drop it like it's hotDrop it like it's hot, drop drop it like it's hotDrop it like it's hot, drop drop it like it's hotHa
I can't find my Gregg reference manual and I'm not sure when quoting a piece of work such as this by Juvenile that I should italicize it or put it in quotes.
And most people would think that I would blog about Christmas being its Christmas. Merry Christmas.
Back that Thang up was a theme for the last couple of days. First, if you've seen my kids lately (I did it again, called them kids) they have gotten really good at edging each other out because they use their behinds to move onto my lap and get the other little baby or babies out of it. So it goes like this - BEEP, BEEP, BEEP (sound of large vehicle in reverse) walking backwards with butt sticking out. Another baby? No problem, just sit on them or keep bumping up against mom before she finally makes room for you.
I think they have already mastered the art of defense. I can't wait to teach them how to dribble a ball and not just throw it.
Secondly, we got SO MANY presents that we almost had to get the trailer to haul them home. Jacob helped the babies open their presents. They were kind of interested in them, but Brooke was more helpful throwing the paper in the garbage bag, or my favorite, stepping on them. She must have thought they looked like steps.
At my Grandpa and Grandma Plamann's, Matthew was more interested in exploring the house. Only once did we find his hands in the garbage. John really wanted to be by me at first or someone else's lap later on. Nothing was broken, only a few crumbs were dropped. I'd call that outing a success.
However, today, Christmas Day we went over to Grandpa and Grandma Callaways. Well, for the first 15 minutes they didn't get into any mischief. But after that it kind of went downhill. Scott, Jake and his dad went to the hunting land quickly and left Kathy and I alone with the babies. Now, normally, I would suggest a one-on-one type defense against three curious and rambunctious monkeys in foreign territory. They turned the cable box on and off a few times, John broke a ceramic figurine (I think it can be glued), they found every open cabinet and just kept opening and closing them. John figured out how to get into the glass cabinet where the CD's and entertainment center is kept - twice. They figured out how to turn door knobs. So, it was a nice visit, but we went home after dinner.
While driving home, we went to look at lights. Matthew fell asleep right away because he was tired. Brooke fell asleep right before we got home. John was bright-eyed and bushy tailed like usual. He dropped him milk while we were driving and kept saying, "Ohoh,"pause,"ohoh,"pause, "ohoh" and it went on. During this Jacob was babbling and directing Scott towards houses that were lit up. After the 100th "ohoh", I finally went mad. I asked John to say something else - like dog, mom, cat, anything... It ACTUALLY WORKED! He said "mama" and stopped annoying the &*^% out of me. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I think 100 times is pretty accurate. And if you've met Jacob you know he talks ALOT. The apple never falls far from the tree!

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