Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gender differences

My name is Jean and I'm a Gymbo-addict. I went to Gymboree to return some things tonight and they had their semi-annual red bin sale. Its irresistible. Its addictive. Its fashion at its cheapest. I found boys khakis for $4.99, 5.99 and 6.99. How can you go wrong???? Well, Scott just doesn't see the importance of this, kind of like when I don't see the importance of having 8 different guns or mounting dead animals on walls. I think these are called gender differences.

Today we had to take out Matthews borrowed crib so that the owners could have it back. I bought a different crib from a member of FVMOM and Scott was setting it up as I left for the some errands. Now, many or some or maybe none of you may be wondering why I'd bother getting a crib when the babies are 20 months old and why didn't I just put him in a toddler bed. Simple - its a control issue. Zoos have nice living areas for their animals, with adequate protection to keep them in their areas. Its the same way with toddlers and especially multiple toddlers. We also put up the crib tent so that the babies can't crawl out of their cribs, hurt themselves or wander around their room or around the house. The babies will stay in their cribs probably at least until they are three.

Keeping them in their cribs and especially in their rooms keeps them safe and lets me sleep in.

Just an update on Jacobs hands. Its after 10 p.m. and Scott just walked past Jacob's room. He was still up putting a puzzle together on his bed. Next to him he had his socks and Vaseline. He must really like his soft hands since he keeps doing this every night. He's my little metrosexual.

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