Friday, December 14, 2007

No need to call Keith's Haircenter for John. He's got more hair than any Callaway or Plamann children ever had! But whats the deal with his hair? Its always standing up, even as it gets longer. Its hard to tell, but hes even got himself a little rattail in the back. Now we never had a bloodtest done, but I don't think Billy Ray Cyrus was in town the fall of 2005...

Its got to be a recessive Gene.

Brooke is dressed in "boy" pajamas. Daddy got her dressed last night, and I'm guessing either a) he doesn't know where her pj's are b) her pjs weren't in her drawer or c) he felt that with her coloring she could wear the cooler colors.
We have to put her in pajamas that have that button over the zipper because otherwise she'll take off her pajamas.

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