Friday, December 21, 2007

2.1 children

I just read yesterday that the fertility rates in the United States were on an upwards trend. Now the child rate is 2.1. Apparently it had fallen to under 2. Good thing that we are sustaining ourselves and that when its my turn for social security I may get a dime or two from the worker bees.
Now, this is the exact reason why I had four children (well, and God chose me to be their mother). Some day, I'm going to get old and someone has to take care of me. I try to remember this when my kids are crying in the middle of the night or they get up in the morning and I just lay in bed listening. SOME day, they may just leave me laying in my own mess while they try to get some extra beauty sleep. So, because I want them to have good memories of me, I do sometimes get up and rock them.

Matthew was crying tonight after about an hour of being asleep. For quite awhile now, it seems like he has nightmares or night terrors, or whatever they are called. You can usually tell by his cry that its more insistent than whiney. So I rocked him for the last 1/2 of General Hospital. Its the best thing in the world to be able to snuggle with your children. You feel needed, you feel physically close to someone, its just the best feeling.

Its one of the moments that you look around and know that everything is just the way it should be.

So I'm hoping that one or two of my four children will either a) live by me so they can take care of me b) let me live with them or c) at least call me to make sure that I'm alive every day.

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