Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More wine please

Its six more nights to Christmas. Jacob has one star in the good area and four stars in the bad, sad, and sassy area. I'll give him one back tonight just because tomorrow is a fresh new day. I've threatened to take presents away, we've taken some of his favorite toys away, I've sent him to his room, and as of right now, he's not going ice fishing with daddy this weekend.

I had three, THREE!, glasses of wine by 6:30 tonight. I stopped there because it wasn't helping, so I made cheddar cheese popcorn with the pour-over cheddar. What drinking won't fix, eating will!

I can only imagine what stuff I pulled on my mother. And I bet underneath her breath she said, "just wait until you have kids". My pediatrician warned me that four was the worst of any age. I thought 2 1/2 years was a bad time. She's right, they are smarter, bigger and able to reason with you more.

On the other hand, Jacob today wanted me to get up the Christmas box of decorations. He decorated our whole lower level. He put the manger up, there are snowmen sitting on the top of the toilet in our bathroom, rudolph looks like hes going down the play slide, and I had to move a candle so I could use the mouse in the computer room. I know he's really excited for the holiday and then theres the whole break from school...

I got one (just one) of those plush character chairs from Walgreens yesterday for the babies because they only had one style - Dora. I brought it home and the babies were pushing and fighting over sitting in it. So, last night, I called all the Walgreens in the area and came up with two more. We now have a purple dora, a pink cinderella, and a light blue princess one. They are all happy to have their own chair.

Today at 10 a.m. I was still in my pajamas (and so was Jacob), the kitchen was not cleaned up from breakfast yet because Jacob and the monkeys were trying to unchild-proof the living room. Matthew got ahold of the Balmex and sat in my favorite chair, wiped it all over and then had some on his hands, but not in his mouth. Brooke tore a book and ate the paper. They opened the entertainment center probably 4 to 6 times before lunch and I don't know how many times they hit the buttons on the TV. What silly monkeys!

So on days like these, I go and look at them sleeping and know why I have the best job on earth! If you look closely at Jacob's wrist, he's sleeping with the camo bracelet he made!


Michelle said...

I love sleeping baby pictures! Almost as much as I love sleeping babies!

Angela said...

I can totally relate to your day. Wow are the kids all nuts or what!!! Just think, one week from now this whole Christmas fuu-fuu will be OVER!!!