Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Imp, a teddy and a bully

Years ago, when I was little my next door neighbor Jerry called me Imp and Beaner. Well, I can tell you that John is my Imp. He is just a little crazy and joyful at the same time. His teasing nature reminds me of my brother, however my mom assures me that my brother was a quiet child, so his rambucioniousness(sp) may be from me a or defunct Gene.

Brooke has been picking on Matthew, probably because he is so gentle he does't fight back. If he gets to close to her she'll push him away and inadvertantly (I hope) scratch his face from pinching him. Then when he starts crying she pats him on the back. When she does not get her way, she has "planned" temper tantrums. She looks back at the floor to make sure there is nothing there and then throws herself down.

My sweet little Matthew. If I could have ten of him I would. He is the first to laugh at Jacob's antics, he has the sweetest smile, and I've never seen him hit, bite or act out at the other kids. He is in a corner by himself building or playing rather than Brooke and John's silly antics with each other. He does interact with the other two babies, but just not as much as Brooke and John.

(Back story) When all three were in the NICU, Brooke and John used to turn to each other when they heard each other cry. I could tell right away that they were aware of each other and would be destined to be best buds. Matthew on the otherhand never reacted to the others crying. I think he would rather be an only child. Or at least born one at a time.

Although they can work together quite effectively when they want to. A few days ago I heard the TV go off from the other room. I walked in and saw that they had gotten the entertainment center open (which was duct taped shut) and were pushing at buttons and had pulled apart a manual for one of the boxes. So I scooted them out of the way, kept my back on the entertainment center until I could retape it and picked up the loose leaf paper. I put that back in the entertainment center, found the tape and retaped it back up. I must have knocked down the Gerber puffs when I did this, although I do not remember. But as I got done taping the entertainment center I noticed that Brooke had tape in her mouth and she was chewing it. So as I tried to grab her she ran away and I ran after her. I brought her back to the living room and found all the puffs on the floor with Matthew and John holding the container. I just had to laugh because what else can you do when they outstmart you. I swear they invented the game of Survivor - outplay, outsmart, outlast!

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