Sunday, December 16, 2007

A busy, busy day

Saturday I took the kids - I mean babies! over to my sisters house to decorate cookies. This has been a tradition to decorate cookies at Julie's house for quite awhile. I can remember each of my older nieces and nephew first times decorating sugar cookies. Its pretty special. And Julie plays Walt Disney Christmas music and also has the biggest kitchen in our family.

Before we went over, I put the kids down for a nap. Now, Matthew does fight his sleep and does cry for awhile before falling asleep. But unfortunately that day both Matthew and John cried for awhile and I eventually had to get them out of their cribs as Brooke slept peacefully. So off we go to Julies house with two kids that had no naps and we are going to let them in the proximity of frosting and sugar. GREAT COMBINATION! My brother-in-law Kelly took pictures as we decorated cookies.

As gender differences must dictate, Brooke was by far the neatest and daintly put her finger in the frosting to taste it. Her cookies looked quite nice. And as the Y Chromosomes must dictate, its a two handed race to mush frosting all over. John really wasn't interested in shaking the container, he wanted to touch the cookie and frosting and I feel sorry for anyone who gets his cookies. They look pretty sad. Now Matthew wanted to put the sprinkles container in his mouth and he also took his turn and smearing frosting all over.

As we were done with the cookies, we let the kids run all over Aunt Julies house. I admit I had a smile on my face because they could run and try and get into trouble at someone elses house and not mine. Matthew opened every single cabinet in the kitchen that he could. Brooke and John were more interested in running around and seeing what they could touch.

Jacob didn't participate in the cookie event this year because daddy and daddy's friends took him ice fishing on Lake Winneseptic - oops, Lake Winnebago. This was Jacob's first time ice fishing. Scott got an ice shanty so they could sit inside and jig and get out of the wind. Jacob had a great time fishing and last night and this morning asked to go again. I have to admit, one of my worst nightmares is to fall or break through the ice into the cold water. Just doesn't sound like a good way to go... So I was a little worried about letting my first born and my moneymaker go out on the ice. (As my sister-in-law would say, better put a life jacket on so we can find the your body for insurance purposes.) But Scott is respectful of ice and boundaries. You'll never see him walking out on a couple of inches of ice... so I cheerfully let them go and only called them twice. The ice was about 8 inches thick that day and they walked out...

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Twins x two said...

Oh, you are a brave mommy!!! I'm not sure I could let Keegan and Riley go!

At my parents place on a lake, I don't even them them pull the sled across until mid January!