Thursday, December 27, 2007

security at its finest

Now wait! Before you call Social Services
about the babies being locked up, just here me out.
They have access to two rooms, the living room and the dining room, they get adequate light, have unsupervised TV privileges, have a bazillion toys, and they get out of the maximum security prison for at least one hour of their awake time for eating. They also get three square meals a day with two snacks and unlimited milk.

(Double click on any picture to enlarge it)

I've created the ultimate environment for them
that is safe and easiest for me to get something done without worrying about them in the kitchen getting at stuff or going up
and down the steps. I can't help it that they like to stand at the gate and shake it because they want out.
Sometimes I taunt them by eating in front of them and throwing NUKs or food at them. If only the San Francisco Zoo had as much security as I did.

In one of the pictures Brooke is utilizing the changing table as either a bunk bed or a play area. I don't know why she crawls in there because she just ends up crying to get out and I have to go help her.

I got Brooke a hat a Gymboree last night and
she and Matthew really like to wear it. All three kids had hoods on their tops today and wanted to wear their hoods up. I guess I'm growing a bunch of hood rats here.

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