Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Bee"zy Day

Yesterday my family celebrated my dad's birthday and we had our annual round robin. We went over to Julie's house and then to Jim's house for lunch. I didn't bring over any highchairs/booster seats. I figured they could just sit on laps or sit at the mini table. Well, I think Matthew was thrilled to sit at the table. He climbed onto a chair right away and just sat there. However, Brooke wanted to climb the stairs and was pretty determined to get up those stairs. So, one of us had to sit on the steps to prevent her from climbing. The problem is she doesn't sit when she comes down. She just puts her hand on the wall and walks down. Which may help her balance, but doesn't keep her from falling. She's also been into jumping off things. She was jumping off diaper boxes on Friday and yesterday she thought she'd jump off the stairs. I saw her jump of the second set of stairs onto the floor and she made it without falling on her face. I swear to you, she makes my eye twitch! (Janet Evanovich reference)

Jacob and I dropped the babies and Scott off and then went over to "Shell Dinter's" house. That's what Jacob calls her. She's a friend from when I used to work outside the home and Brooke's Godmother. "Shell" is part of the American Britney Rescue program and she just brought home a new puppy. I was explaining to Jacob on the way over that some owners can't take care of their pets and then Shell takes care of them until she can find another good home for the dog. How did Jacob interpret this? Shell sells dogs. Oh well, I tried. So we met Millie and went to The Bee Movie at the cheap seats. It was a pretty good movie with the usual adult jokes. Jacob got antsy about 1/2 way through and then sat on my lap.

Then when we got home, a few hours later, I started to get a sore throat. I started to ache, my ears hurt, my throat hurt worse. I was getting sick. I really haven't been sick more than two or three times since the babies were born. I think its because of the hand washing Nazi's at the NICU. We also use a lot of hand sanitizer here too.
So the babies went to bed and the Tylenol wasn't helping that I took earlier... so I dug in my box of goodies and found some Oxycontin. It was from my C-section... but still worked like a charm.
I'm looking forward to today because 1) the packers are on and 2) we're taking my mom, dad and Scott's mom to a casino tonight to have a little fun. Wish us luck!

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